Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The new BP

Florida beat Ohio State again. I didn't get to see the game because I
was out on the convoy but they let us know who won over the radio.
Driggers won the money for the NCAA tournament pool. He did the Gator
Chomp for me this morning.
The entire trip to Da Nang took a little over eight hours. After
three hours of driving time, a short pit stop, and a broken IED Arm on
the lead vehicle, we finally reached the new battle position. Some of
the Marines had just come off of patrol and said they were spreading
rumors to all the villagers that a bunch more Marines were moving into
the area and they were bringing Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army. Everyone
knows that Da Nang is right in the middle of the supply lines for the
insurgency and we want to get them all worried about us and constantly
feed them bad information until we find out who the good guys are.
They're all good in the daytime.
On the way back, we took a different route and it took about four
hours. The dirt was so dry and powdery it looked like water it came up
over the hood of the hummer and splashed against the windows. I wish I
could have taken a picture of it but I would have ruined my camera if I
would have taken it out. There were times the vision got so bad it felt
like we were in the clouds except we couldn't breath. We were gagging
and coughing almost the entire ride. It was a lot of fun. The Bn's
Gunner (a Chief Warrant Officer) was in the turret of the gun on the way
back. He had a lot of fun up there. He was woopin' it up until he got
his first mouthful of dirt. Then the ride was pretty quiet. The dirt
was like baby powder. It was in everything. I was picking dirt clods
out of my nose. When we got back I had to breathe in water through my
nose and blow it out so that I could breathe fresh air. I've been
hacking up dirt all day long. It was real fun for the first thirty
minutes and then it started to suck. I was really happy to see the
guard posts of COP North come in to view. We stopped there to take a
breath, refuel, and get some water and then traveled a hard packed dirt
road the rest of the way back. My butt was sore from sitting for so
long. Why do the terrible things always make for the best times?
Everyone thought it was so much fun but no one wants to go back out


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds GREAT!!!! So glad YOU had that opportunity. You know....princesses were just not made for that kind of stuff. Matt wants me and Eddy to get a 4-wheeler so we can go mud riding with them. HA HA HA They get AWFULLY muddy!!!! Nope, think I'll stick to the motorcycle plan. We borrowed his uncle's last Sunday and rode backroads to Rison, Fordyce, Leola and then back home. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Blue skies, sunshine and warm weather. THAT was a good time!!


LOVE YA!! Melanie


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