Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time with
their family and friends.
We have been trying to do some last minute upgrades to our
architecture before 1/4 gets on deck. It's not going very well. The
Marines are working extremely hard to get up additional lines of
communication and to make our network more robust. The SNCO's actually
advised against it, but the Captain gets the last say and he wanted it
done. We knew it would push everyone to the limits and it has
definitely got everyone running ragged.
The chow hall was decorated for Easter. They put up some Easter bunny
cutouts and really decorated the place. One of the workers made a
sculpture of Jesus out of shortening. It was pretty amazing. I took a
picture of it. I will send it to my Mom, Missy, Linda, and Schellee. I
got our flight schedule. Right now we are scheduled to go from Kuwait
to Hungary to Ireland to Canada to Indianapolis to March Air Force Base
and then get on a bus and ride to 29 Palms. I'm not going to post any
dates or times because they will probably change.


At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

The Captain has the right idea, keep everyone focused and busy during these last days. The days go faster and the insurgents won't be tempted to do anything.
Jesus out of shortening huh? That's a new one. Sounds like the beginning of a country song. Or a hymn. I can imagine what these foreign workers must think of America, the land of great holidays and the decorations that go with them. Happy Easter!

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Patrick T. Mc Alister said...

SNCO's always have the right idea. You just don't always get to implement them. I got the pics of the tower. Now here is the question... It's only 30 feet high. That is small compared to the Cell towers in Alabama and Florida I have had to climb.

Jesus out of shortening..That is just improvision at it's finest.

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! for the schedule


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