Thursday, March 29, 2007

Satellite Works

Our satellite dish is working now! They brought in a satellite
repairman from another base and he brought some extra parts with him and
got it working. Now I'll be able to see the Final Four. I hope
Arkansas gets a good basketball coach. It would be nice if we could
return to the way we were in the 90's. I'm sure Linda remembers when
Arkansas and UCLA played for the National Title in '95. I was stationed
at Camp Pendleton at the time and I was in charge of the Bachelor
Enlisted Quarters. I missed the entire first half of the game because I
was holding a formation. Living in Southern California and having to
see everyone celebrate a victory over your team is not fun. I have the
'94 championship game against Duke on VHS and I still watch it from time
to time.
The water tower in the little town that we destroyed is being rebuilt.
They got the pipes put together for now but the water tank will have to
be brought in from somewhere else. The Civil Affairs Group makes sure
that a local company is hired to do the work so it keeps people
employed. This way they are less likely to be paid off by the
I have spent most of the past few days meeting all the new Marines,
Soldiers, and Sailors from the new units that are coming in. Every unit
that got here after us has now left. Tomorrow when I get up, I will
have 15 days left on Al Qaim. Not that I'm counting.
The Marines are working pretty hard. We are creating a brand new
Battle Position for Weapons Company. The Combat Engineers have been
building it for about two weeks. Right now it's just a walled off area
with machine gun posts and a few hardened shelters with sandbags. They
are going to have running water and electricity (generators) in the next
few days. Then we will add all the communication assets and get them


At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bracket is shot. I had North Carolina. Wellllllll, I was hoping......I can't stand Florida or Ohio St. so I really hope UCLA wins. (They are still in it, aren't they?? ha ha ha)

I AM counting down!!!

Linda - thanks for the pics. Ahhhh...good times......
The closest thing I ever had to a brother was Michael and we are ten years apart. He's heard this OVER AND OVER AGAIN but he knew all the right buttons to push when I was 16 and he was 6!!!! My therapist says ..... ha ha, just kidding.

LOVE YA LOTS!!!! Melanie

GO BRUINS!!!!!!! (did I spell that right and by the way...what exactly IS a bruin????)

P.S. - Michael, too bad you just got your satelite missed the finale of "Grease". ha ha BUT!!!! You got it back in time to see if Sanjaya (sp?) gets kicked off American Idol next week!!!

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Finally a question I can answer. A bruin is another name for a bear. The symbol for California is the grizzly bear. Of course there aren't any more grizzlies in California but there are plenty of other bears in the hills and mountains. Yep, UCLA is still in there and maybe Mike will come home a few dollars richer.

At 5:14 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Hope that water tank comes on in and you can paint a Big Mean Razorback on it before it goes up . . . leaving the place with the reminder that you were there and wishing them to always "think high of the hog!"

. . . and by now, 14! I think I'm getting the Christmas Spirit! Just can't wait . . . or eat, or think, or sleep (never could whistle). I'm so thankful to God for you Mike, and for Schellee and Britni. Grandma Harris used to always say, "They're something to be proud of." We’re all in unison with her now regarding you three.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

spiffing up the grounds for the new units, meeting new Marines, beginning to think about what will or will not be packed, and being on USA soil again! i am soooo excited for you!
linda, melanie was the "princess" until michael was born,, she is very competitive and michael being the 1st boy in the family in 41 years was not acceptable for her! now, he hung the moon and stars to her. he just has that way about him. for every minute of everday that has passed michael leaves his mark. yep, i am bragging, (again)!
can hardly wait to see those bright blue/green eyes and feel that big strong heartfelt hug!
stay safe
love ya bunches

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, I just returned home from visiting my daughter up at Davis. We watched the game in a huge restaurant/sports bar called the Grad. Lots of families in there and many, many fans watching the games on 27 televisions!! two huge wide screens and 25 regulars that all gave the same bad resultsm UCLA got trounced!!Because Davis is a University of California school, the place was packed with intelligent, upstanding students and citizens cheering on UCLA. Don figures Florida is looking like a repeat championship team. Who's still in the game over there?

At 5:11 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Right about now LCpl Driggers is doing a new dance, the dance of the Florida Gators! The workout with the Buffalo Jills was just a warm up. Did he get to choose them in the pool?


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