Thursday, March 15, 2007

Satallite still down

The satellite is still not working. It needs a civilian part and I
don't know how long it will take to get it. Hopefully they have it in
country. I don't know if I'll get to see any March Madness games at all
but of course that didn't stop me from betting on the tournament. I
picked Arkansas in an upset over USC. I think picked 12 upsets in the
first round. We'll see what happens.
I got some boxes today from Momma-B, both Linda's (Reimel and Salka),
and Pat Ballentine. Pat has been sponsoring me since I got to Iraq and
she always manages to send me something every month. Her daughter
Brittany is doing cheer competitions all over the place. I think she's
in Dallas this week. They live in Sterling, Virginia. She got my name
off of a website.
The Marines loved the boxes. We got potato chips, jerky, dove
chocolates and Cadbury Eggs. A few of the Marines got sick eating the
eggs because they are not used to having that much sugar at one time.
The rest of us just laughed at them. We also got some ready-to-eat tuna
fish. I just took a bunch of mayonnaise packets from the chow hall to
mix with some tuna I found and now I got a ready-made pack. I can't
wait to get hungry. Hahaha. Thanks to everyone for sending the goodies.
You guys are getting better and better at this. The Marines are very
happy and thankful. They're going to be spoiled when they get back to
29 Palms and have to start getting their own stuff again.
I worked out today on the stair stepper. My legs are already feeling
sore. I climbed 112 flights of stairs in 20 minutes. When I first
started working out on that machine, I was only doing about 60 - 65
flights in the same amount of time. My goal is to hit 125 flights.
I'll get it before I leave.
The weather has been very nice here recently. The desert is in full
bloom with wild flowers and some wild grasses and shrubs. It's a big
change from seeing sand everywhere. I'll take a picture and send it


At 8:03 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Hey Melanie – send Mike those gator blue parts along with the orange dye. Mike will make the parts work and the orange dye can be used to dip sheep so they’ll show up better on the firing range!
I would love to see the flowers – but a picture will do nicely!
I’m thinking build an elevator and practice riding skills.
Most of all I’m thinking of that big hug from “Hefty!”

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

. . . and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Linda, Linda, and Pat for what you do for the greatest men in the world - esp. our Mike. Just wish you could all meet him and his wife and daughter - they are absolutely fantastic people but I think you know that! I appreciate your encouragement to Mike more than words can express. I'll never forget what you have done and Mike won't either.
Someone said, "My barn burned down and now I can see the moon." The positive thing about being a Marine in Iraq is not only knowing you made a difference for the world, but seeing the love, respect, and acts of kindness from people you don't know. Not only does Mike see that - but his family as well and we all salute you.


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