Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This morning was fun doing the chuck workout. We spared each other
for one station. Of course I got a partner that outweighs me by 40
pounds and is about four inches taller. It wasn't bad though. He
doesn't have the skills that I have - Joke Joke Joke. Don't anyone
offer to box me when I get back!! I'll call my dad on you (he boxed in
the Army).
I was able to finally talk one of my Sergeants into reenlisting. He
was dead set on getting out and his wife wanted to move back home so she
moved early and then decided that it wasn't what she thought it would be
like so I got the monitor (the guy Headquarters Marine Corps) to offer
him just about anything he wanted and he accepted Beaufort, South
Carolina. He won't deploy from there so his wife is happy about it.
I'm not doing so well in the NCAA Tournament Pool. I picked way too
many upsets. I should have just went with the highest seeded team.
Tomorrow they having a drawing to pick a sweet 16 team out of a hat. It
costs $10 to draw a team. It's total luck, just like the Super Bowl
squares but it gives you someone to cheer for. Hopefully, I'll get an
SEC school or UCLA. There is no way I could route for USC.


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