Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Newspaper Access

I was trying to look up my high school football coach to ask for some
advice on blocking schemes and I found out that he announced his
retirement in January. Coach Campbell coached high school football for
39 years and was sixth in all-time wins in the state of Arkansas. His
final record stands at 257-98-6. I bet he lost most of those games at
Sheridan. It was probably the low point of an illustrious career. He
coached High School at Corning, Sheridan, and Wynne. He won two state
championships at Wynne. He coached NFL Running Back DeAngelo Williams.
I sent an e-mail to his school account but I don't know if he'll get it
since he's probably already cleaned out his locker.
My calves are really sore today. I'm pretty sure it's from jumping on
the boxes during yesterday's workout. I did the normal cardio toady and
then worked out with SgtMaj this afternoon. Nothing much going on. If
we would not have been extended we would have had the Transfer of
Authority Ceremony today and the entire battalion would have left this
afternoon on the trip back to the states. I would have been home about
10 days ago because I'm supposed to leave with the advanced party. I
have to go back with the Battalion XO and stand in for the SgtMaj in the
states for two weeks. I going to make sure all the offices, vehicles,
gear, and barracks rooms are accounted for and set up when the battalion
It must be destiny Linda! I gave $10 and picked a name out of a cup
today for the Sweet Sixteen draw and I drew out UCLA. Go Bruins!
I've been reading the free (very limited) edition of the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette website ever since I lived in Kiev, Ukraine. Now
thanks to Grandpa James' account, I can read the entire paper. Thanks
Grandma and Grandpa for letting me use your account. Thanks Missy and
Mom for sending it to me. Now I can keep up to date with what's going
on in Arkansas.


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Yep, this is meant to be! I'll wear all my UCLA gear tomorrow night when they play. They'll be up north in San Jose so they'll have the entire state of California rooting for them.
I can't imagine working out with the Sgt Major. He is one BIG guy! I wrote to him about an email I got yesterday from a friend (with a really good sense of humor). She told me to go on a website for something called crossfit. It's an exercise program because she knew I'd been thinking about starting to work out...for about the last twenty years. Funny girl because that is a program that is a perfect fit for you and the Sergeant Major.
Take care and GO BRUINS!!

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Patrick T. Mc Alister said...

Seeing how the zags and cougars got knocked out last week. I guess I will back UCLA. But My grandfather graduated from SC. I think that was when they still brought the dinasours in for dinner though.

I found someone to box with you when you get back to 29. Will send details off-line but I bet people will pay for tickets. Heck I would fly down from Spokane for the event.

Go Bruins....

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Collect your winnings, UCLA did it! Sergeant Major's Mighty Pittsburgh played well but the Bruins seemed determined to win. They'll go on to play in the final four. Tonight North Carolina will be playing SC. There's another good pick, the Tarheels. Now that I know what a razorback is, we'll have to investigate tarheels.

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, that was some game!! USC came out strong and it looked bad for awhile. They were making all their shots and it seemed North Carolina was going to lose...but then...they came back and won!! A ten point difference and now the Tarheels (what in the world is a tarheel?) will go on to the final four. Tonight UCLA will play Kansas. Georgetown is also in the final four. They hit the winning point in the final five seconds of their game. It's been a great series.
In the NBA, Kobe has made more than fifty points in four games. Impressive.
Which team did you draw for the next game?
Hello Swimmer! There is a whale swimming around the harbor in Santa Barbara. Not sure if he's lost or just visiting.


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