Thursday, March 08, 2007

News Interview

Another post failed on me.  This was originally sent yesterday.


  The Marine that passed away in the IED strike a few nights ago was LCpl Raul G. Bravo.  I just feel that after the next of kin are notified, the least I could do is mention the Marines name.  I really hope that we are done with casualties.  India Company has been hit pretty hard in the past couple of months.  They and Weapons Company have the most dangerous area for IED strikes.  It’s because we have extended our areas and are now routing out fighters in places that we used to not go.  We have trained the Iraqi police and army well enough to hold on to the major villages where we used to patrol.  Now we are getting farther and farther out into the small little hamlets and causing the insurgents to get very nervous.

  I called KNWA News last night.  They are the NBC affiliate out of Fayetteville.  I spoke to Alexa Hamblin and she was really nice.  She told me that she had spoken to Linda the day before.  I hope I didn’t sound stupid.  After I got off the phone I wish I had said more about being thankful to everyone for their support.  It was a lot of fun to do the interview.

  SgtMaj was sick yesterday.  He came to the gym and was throwing up.  He still did the workout but went to bed right after it was over.  The Colonel and SgtMaj left this afternoon with the Colonel from RCT2 to go check out some of the Battle Positions.  He didn’t make it back in time to work out but he’s feeling much better.

  Tomorrow afternoon four NFL players are coming for a visit.  They are Alge Crumpler, TE, Atlanta Falcons; Shelton Quarles, MLB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Will Shields, G, Kansas City Chiefs; Benjamin Watson, TE, New England Patriots.  I just found out when I was in the gym.  I think it’s awesome that these guys take the time to make a trip out here.  I can’t wait to get some pictures.



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