Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gator Shirt

Today LCpl Driggers brought me a T-Shirt. It's a Florida Gators
Football and Basketball National Championship shirt. It's bright orange
with Blue writing. He's a big Florida Gators fan. I told him I
couldn't wear it when I go home but I would use it as a rag when I
change the oil in my truck. Hahaha. I'm going to get him a Razorback
shirt when I get back to Arkansas.
It was a pretty slow day today. It was my day off from cardio so I
slept in until 0600. It was kind of nice. Everyone is starting to mail
their stuff back home. I'm going to wait until about two or three days
before we leave. Then, I'll probably mail back almost everything I
have. I don't plan on hauling a bunch of gear around on the trip back.
I'm only going to keep enough to put in my molle pack (modular
lightweight load carrying equipment). It's a backpack with a bunch of
clips and straps so you can add all kinds of extra stuff to it. Leave
it to the Marine Corps to give you a big bag that will hold 70 - 80 lb's
of gear and then give you additional ways to strap an extra 70 lb's to
the outside of it.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

. . . packing plans. I like that kind of talk.
Pa could make strips with the T-shirt to tie his tomato plants. I could use it as a dust cloth, or Shelton could buff his wheels with it. Your dad could loose it. Missy could let Sophie sleep on it or Melanie could stuff the fellow at work’s tail-pipe. But using it to change the oil in your truck would probably be best. Invite LCpl Driggers to our house – he’s a jewel!

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, your blog hadn't come up since jumped ahead too early so this is a late entry but every time I read LCpl Drigger's name, I picture that shirt being whipped off and thrown out to the crowd. That is a memory you'll all take with you.
Like the packing plans and we'll let everyone know.
Take care!!


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