Thursday, March 08, 2007

Football Stars

  I saw the NFL players today.  It wasn’t really crowded so I got to talk with all of them for about forty-five minutes.  They were all very nice.  All of them gave me a picture with their autograph and the SgtMaj gave me a football and I had them sign it too.  I also had my picture taken with them while they were standing up.  The picture looks pretty funny.  I only come up to their shoulders and they are about twice as wide as I am.  I got to wear the New England and the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Championship Rings.  I couldn’t talk any of them into joining the Corps and playing for me.  I need to work on my recruiting skills.  I don’t know why any of them would not choose to be a legend in the 29 Palms league. Haha.  They were only here for about two hours and then they flew off to go to Al Asad for the night.  I was talking to them about all the places they’ve visited and they said they were told that it was too dangerous for them to stay overnight at our FOB because it was too close to the Syrian Boarder and we had had a few attacks on the base.  I told them it was just a few mortar attacks and wasn’t a big deal but I didn’t tell them that the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders spent the night here.  Hehehe.

  We had ice-cream today.  I had vanilla with peanuts and a cherry.  It was pretty good.  I’ll have to do a few extra minutes of cardio tomorrow morning.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Pro football players – how much did they have to pay to have their picture made with you? I know they are wannabes for your team because they certainly went to a lot of trouble to see you personally – consider that. Ha
Great going on the successful training of the Iraqi police and army – that’s major! Splendid work Brave Marines!
When you get home, we’ll keep the ice cream freezer buzzing! Nonnie’s homemade butter pecan sounds terrific and how about the all-time favorite banana-grape nut? We won’t make any until you and the girls can join us, then we’ll all “pig-out” together!
Pa is planting a garden! You knew he would even if it is extremely down-sized. I’m making myself hungry.
Won’t be long.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the excitement over there being in a positive way. The RAZORBACK flag.....the interview....the cheerleaders....the football players....the workouts.....the ice cream with a cherry on top!!! I've been hooked on Sonic blasts for lunch lately. I've had to have AT LEAST one a week for about the last four weeks. It's cool tho. For some reason, if that's all I eat for lunch and be careful at night, I haven't gained any weight. M&M Sonic Blast....hold the whipped cream PLEASE. We are so spoiled here.
I ran at the rec center and baseball fields last night. Once around the rec center and I moved across the street to where some people were. I guess I watch too much TV because the woods kinda spooked me. I ran with my finger on my pepper spray trigger the whole time. ha ha ha Wienee, huh?
LOVE YA and MISS YOU!! Melanie

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

I'm glad your meeting with the HUGE football players was a great experience. This is in contrast to the situation in Westwood where the UCLA Bruins basketball team, the same one that was in first place at the beginning of the season, fell to Cal yesterday. The final score was 75-69. I think they are still assured a berth in the NCAA playoffs. They were the top seeded and fourth ranked team going into the playoffs so if they can find their earlier energy, free throw prowess and defensive skills, they should do well.
I'll bet when the football players get home, they'll be developing their photos and saying, "I was privileged to meet some mighty Brave Marines and Sailors." Did you invite them to one of your future 29 Palms practice sessions?
Take care and hello to all the guys in Communications from sunny California.

At 12:18 AM, Anonymous swimmer said...

hey dad

I thought I would read your blog today and tell you that I love you. OH, and one more thing,I hope the Razorbacks win their game.(For you of coarse) GO HOGS!!!

swimmer (or your daughter)


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