Tuesday, March 27, 2007

False Report on CNN

I didn't blog yesterday because I was feeling sick and went to my can
at about 1430. But I yesterday morning I noticed that CNN had reported
on the suicide bombings in our area. There ended up being a third one
after I submitted my blog and it didn't hurt anyone but CNN reported the
below statement.
"The Islamic State in Iraq, an insurgent umbrella group that includes
al-Qaida in Iraq, purportedly claimed responsibility for three other
suicide bombings Saturday near the Anbar province city of Qaim, near the
Syrian border, saying in an Internet statement that 45 policemen were
killed and 48 were wounded. The statement could not be independently
verified, and police said only six people had been killed, including
five policemen, and 19 other people wounded in the three attacks against
checkpoints and a police station."
Al-Jezeera News was also reporting the 45 dead and 48 wounded. The town
sheik actually called them to let them know what actually happened and
that no one had been killed or wounded.
Last night a few of my guys got into a firefight with some insurgents
while they were out on patrol with one of the companies. They were
still excited this morning. We didn't have anyone get injured.
Fighting broke out twice and at some point we launched some mortars at
them and blew up a water tank. This morning the local people were not
happy about their water supply being destroyed. So our Civil Affairs
attachment had to go out and promise to pay for it to get fixed as soon
as possible. We shouldn't have launched the mortars, it was overkill.
The Marines just like blowing stuff up when they get excited.


At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Did I ever tell you I have five brothers? They use to love blowing things up too. They'd go hunting through the firing range after the soldiers finished their target practice. They'd bring home the spent shells and pound on them with a hammer. Why? I don't know.It must be a boy thing. Of course they weren't always spent and once in awhile they would blow up. I'm amazed all five of them made it through childhood.
People are always wondering if reporters get the news right. This is an instance when everyone is glad the reporting was wrong.
We've got some wild winds howling through California. The good news is the wind is clearing away the clouds and we can see all the wildflowers.
Vio con Dios Amigos

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I think the word is "panic." Media ratings go up when people are in a panic and "want to know more." Disasters bring panic and confusion and maybe the media thinks it's their opportunity to be the hero (you heard it here first folks)! The military and those involved with the military want to hear the real - rest of the story news. Panic is not in the Marines' vocabulary.
I'm so proud of our Brave Marines.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

thanks for the correction and confirmation.
have you ever noticed a baby boy learns to make explosive sounds with his mouth before he can complete a sentence? hahah
stay well enough to eat those goodies linda and missy sent,, that will make you feel better!

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Susan, April, Dave & Paul said...

I like the mortar story. Usually, I take a sledge hammer to the offending object - like the weed whacker which won't start.

Stay safe and well.

Your friends at the Bookstore.

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media doesn't really care if they have the facts or not as long as they have the words to fill up air time. And if they aren't reporting something they "heard" which most people call gossip....they are stating an opinion and we all know about "opinions". And that's all I have to say about that.
I can't relate to the excitement of blowing things up but I know burning things up is a man thing. I'm proud of the guy who climbed the tower and just did what he had to do. That took guts and he did it!!! Who WOULDN'T think....WHAT THE HECK??!! I gotta get down from here!!!

Linda....now I know why you're so in tune with sports...... F I V E
brothers????? Not many hair curlers around your house growing up huh?? ha ha ha



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