Saturday, March 24, 2007

Comm Issues

Today was very busy. This morning, almost all of our shots were down
due to weather, crypto, or a piece of gear that went bad. We cancelled
our trip to the shooting range so everyone could work on getting the
comm up. One of our antennas is strapped to the top of a 90 ft. tower
at the edge of the train yard. We needed to fix it so SSgt Risby sent
one of the sergeants (he will remain nameless) up the tower to fix it.
He got about 80 ft up and froze. He had his arms and legs wrapped
around the ladder and he was screaming, "It's going to fall! It's going
to fall! It's shaking too much!" SSgt Risby started yelling at him to
get his ___ up there and fix the antennae. He finally started moving
again and the antennae got fixed. He stayed out of sight the rest of
the day. I can't blame him. His pride was hurt after the show he put
on for everyone. It was hysterical. I'm still laughing.
All the comm issues were solved or fixed, except the high winds, by
1030. At 1110 I was sitting in my office when I heard a big bang and
the windows rattled. A vehicle was approaching a checkpoint and it
didn't follow the normal instructions so the Iraqi Police shot at it and
it blew up. Then at 1150 we heard another explosion. Another vehicle
with explosives tried the same thing and the Iraqi Police blew it up
too. No one was killed - except the suicide bombers.
I received four boxes today, three from Linda and one from Missy.
Missy just e-mailed me last night to ask if I had gotten her box yet.
Missy sent me some Easter stuff, energy bars (my favorite), Girl Scout
Cookies, and some new kinds of candy to try out. Linda sent Girls Scout
Cookies, candy, and magazines. The guys were very happy. Captain Bair
got a letter form his pen pal that Linda sent on October 28. It came to
Iraq and then somehow got our stateside address stamped on it and went
to 29 Palms and then it was rerouted back to Iraq and finally to us in
Al Qaim.
The Bruins won last night and I am still alive for the pool.


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

OOH-RAH Iraqi forces for blowing those suicide bombers up!!!!Thank God they saw them and knew what to do. I'm with the nameless Sergeant (you can print my name), an 80 foot antennae is no place to be in the wind. If the package of magazines I'm thinking of got there, I'll be the guys are enjoying them. Funny how the letter to Captain Bair made its circuit through the system.
I'm going to have a talk with the guys at UCLA and explain how important it is that they win tonight. It's not just Bruin pride (that's nothing next to Marine pride I'll bet), but there is a certain Marine Master Sergeant who is betting on them. That should motivate the guys.
Tell those Iraqi sharp shooters that we thank them.

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I can see you climbing 80 feet just to get a better look at a football game (during a tornado) - but nosirree not me and nameless. I would NOT make a Marine. I’d be telling him, “You come on down here you sweet thing and don’t you ever go up there again.” One “Wimpy” loves another – don’t ya’ know!
OOH-RAH - goes double from me! That's BIG!

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

You're still in the tournament. UCLA won with a score of 68-55 over Kansas. Great defensive playing by both teams. Tonight North Carolina will be playing Georgetown. UCLA will go on to play the winner of the Florida-Oregon game. You're getting closer to the jackpot!

At 5:05 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

triple ooh-rah for the iraqi police!
yep, 147, i'm with you,, i'm probably the biggest whimp of all!
thank God we have our Marines!


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