Monday, March 19, 2007

Chlorine Gas

Yesterday morning there was an IED strike by Camp Gannon. It killed
two Iraqi Soldiers and wounded one. None of our guys were hurt.
We got word that the insurgents were filling up their vehicles with
chlorine and then blowing them up a few hours after the first strike
happened. Everyone was talking about it at chow. Three vehicles with
chlorine gas blew up in Anbar on Saturday. We are in the Anbar province
but we are pretty far from where the blasts occurred. We first heard
that they were going to start doing this two months ago. So it wasn't a
big surprise. It sounds scary but you have to get a heavy dose of
chlorine gas for it to kill you. It's mainly just to scare people.
When the bombs explode the heat from the blast will usually make the
chlorine obsolete. It will still irritate your skin and burn your lungs
but the blast is way more likely to kill you than the chlorine.
Today was pretty slow. Did cardio this morning and started doing
nickels with the SgtMaj this afternoon. The Comm Platoon is doing a
chuck workout with me and the SgtMaj tomorrow morning. It should be


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Hi Mike, for some reason your blog wasn't coming up on my saved favorites. Luckily your mom told me about your chlorine entry so I went back, set it all up and caught up on what you've been doing. Technology continues to be a challenge for us old folks.
The chlorine gas sounds like another attempt by some truly evil and misguided people to make others suffer. Glad to hear you are all well and getting the packages.
Sorry about the Razorbacks. The games have been especially good and close. SC will be playing against the Tarheels of North Carolina-Go Tarheels!!!! UCLA and Oregon are looking good. I'll email you the results as soon as they happen.
California is dry. A thick marine (not Marine) layer has settled over the coast as the inland areas heat up. We'll see the sun again in a couple of months.
Hello to Swimmer and all your Brave guys from the foggy coast of California!

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Patrick T. Mc Alister said...


I know the countdown is close but I thought you would find this an interesting article. Thanks for keeping so well informed.
Smeper Fi,



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