Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Razorback Fan

I got up at 0400 and went to the chow hall. The guy in charge if the
chow hall is a Razorback fan! Can you believe it? He's from southern
Missouri. I knew he followed basketball because he's always in the chow
hall watching whatever game happens to be on. They started out really
good but then things didn't work out to well for them. As much as I
hate losing to USC, at least they made it to the tournament.
The gym is starting to get crowded now. It's getting close to time to
go home and all the Marines are in the gym working out getting ready to
go back home all buff. I'm back to the can a little early tonight. I
have to catch up on some sleep and get ready for cardio tomorrow


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Sean Kelly said...

Michael, Just wanted to say hey. I read your blog every couple of days! Missy told me that you have been rescheduled to come home in april. I look forward to seeing you!! Do me a favor, Tell all the guys over there that a former service member says thank you for all that you guys do! Regardless of what the liberal media says, I know things are going much differently. Thank you!! See you soon my friend!!

Sean Kelly


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