Friday, March 16, 2007

1st Round

The satellite is still broke. I am going to get up real around 0430
and try to get into the chow hall. They are the only ones who have a
satellite connection. Hopefully, they'll let me in and I can watch the
game. I'm sure they will, I know all of them now and I always talk to
them. GO Hogs!
The Marine Corps is getting ready to issue FROG (Flame Resistant
Occupational Gear) uniforms. They look just like our normal cammies
with a few modifications. They wont make it out in time for me to get a
set but the next unit should get them. Right now, we wear flight suits
when we go outside the wire. The new uniform comes with really thin
gloves so we don't have to cut the fingers out for weapons manipulation
and it comes with a two types of face masks for hot or cold weather.
Eventually, every Marine is supposed to have two sets.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new uniforms sound really cool. Didn't they get that acronymn (sp?) from "The Santa Claus" movie??? ha ha ha Heat gear...cold gear....our active wear sure is getting hi-tech these days.
Yeah.....send me a piece of that ripped up t-shirt. I hang it on his office window right next to his gator flag he has displayed.
I'm glad you're able to hopefully at least hear the scores. Until I read this blog I thought I was going to have to keep you up on who had won. I feel like Linda on this basketball tournament. I have a bracket and that makes it REALLY INTERESTING!!!!! It's amazing how much of a difference that has made to me. I check the internet for current scores every 2-3 hrs. ha ha ha I got a bracket for Ryan to fill out and then one for me and Eddy (since I know NOTHING about who is who and what is what) but as UNEDUCATED as I am about this stuff..... I STILL HAVE AN OPINION.....i am so I got a bracket for myself. Maybe I'll buy a purse. Do those molle packs come in yellow??
LOVE YA!!! Melanie


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