Thursday, February 08, 2007

Square Winners

  We were in minimized all day today.  The 2/4 SgtMaj was killed.  It killed him and another Marine.  They had nine wounded.  They are out of Camp Pendleton.  Our SgtMaj met him just a few weeks ago when he went to Al Asad.  He had a wife and two kids in high school.

  We got some boxes from E. Ritchen School today.  We got some magazines, books, and letters from the kids.  One of the classes sent a picture of the student with every letter.  We passed them out to the Marines.  We also got a big box from Operation Care and Comfort.  It’s always nice to get boxes.

  Our SgtMaj won the third quarter in the football squares.  He got $100.  Sgt Peterson, a Supply Marine that didn’t even want to play but was talked into it by his Marines, won the first two quarters and got $200.  Sgt Carbajales (Comm Marine with the Jump Platoon) won $200 because he got the final score.

  Now that football is over, time is going pretty slow.  I’ve never watch pro basketball, and I don’t really get into college basketball until March Madness.  I would watch the Razorbacks, if they ever put them on over here.  They show mostly pro basketball and hockey.  I don’t know anything about hockey.  I don’t think I even knew that was a real sport until after I joined the Corps.  I thought they only played it during the Olympics.  Hahaha.  Kind of like Wrestling.  Since there was no high school wrestling in Arkansas I thought the only wrestling was WWF (I watched Mid-South Wrestling on Saturdays) until I joined the Corps and learned that the Marine Corps had a wrestling team and many of my fellow Marines competed in high school.  Hahaha.  Speaking of wrestling, there is going to be a wrestling match tonight in the gym.  Two Marines were talking crap to each other and now they are going to wrestle tonight.  They had the weigh in this afternoon at 1600.


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

I had the feeling you were minimized. Not a good feeling. I know it does not get easier for you all – even at a distance – and you have to keep going and stay focused. I am so thankful and proud of each of you Brave Marines. We can only try to understand here what it is like there. One thing is sure – we know the One who does.
Are they selling squares for tonight’s big event? One of them is going to be sorry he opened his mouth! Please stay out of the ring!!


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