Monday, February 05, 2007


  I got up at 0200 to watch the Super Bowl.  It was god game.  There were quite a few people packed in the chow hall.  It was real nice to sit back and relax.  We would relay the score out to the BP’s periodically to keep them informed.  I’m glad the Colts won.  I sure wish we could have seen the commercials.  American Forces Network doesn’t show any commercials.  If they did, they wouldn’t be allowed to air the game.  Of course, I didn’t win anything with my squares.  One of the Marines won the 1st and 2nd quarter.  He didn’t even want to play at first.  Some of his friends talked him into it.  I told him it wasn’t gambling.  It’s called Marine Gaming – Kinf of like what the Indians do in California.  Hahaha.  So he bought a square for $5 and won $200.  Everyone is pretty tired from staying up. 

  One of the units to our East had some of their communications equipment go down last night and they sent out an emergency message to the area stating what they needed.  We just happened to have the exact piece of gear and we were able to get it out to them on the next helo.  It felt good to be able to help someone out.  We had the same thing happen to us when I was in Balad.

  I had a sandwich tonight at the chow hall.  I’ve never been so satisfied with a sandwich before.  I had white bread with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, and roast beef.  It was real good.  I can’t remember the last time I ate a sandwich.  I think everyone enjoyed their sandwiches.  They had other condiments along with ham and salami too.

  It didn’t rain today, thank goodness.  Our living area is starting to get really muddy in spots.  I don’t remember if I ever wrote about all the rock that was brought in and placed around our living areas to cut down on the mud.  It’s been working great.  Thirty two dump trucks have been escorted to our base on four separate occasions.  Once they lay the rock, they drive over it with a heavy roller to flatten it out.  There are still some puddles.  In some places the rocks are getting beat farther and farther down into the mud as it seeps upward.  As long as it doesn’t rain for a few days, I think it will be OK.  They dumped rocks where the gas pumps are located and they have already disappeared.  So many heavy vehicles go by to get gas that they just get beat into the soft mud.  You can’t even tell they were ever put down.  They are totally gone.

  Capt Bair made it back from COP North around 1800.  The SgtMaj got in tonight also.  He was stuck in Ramadi for a few days because of the weather.


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need Daddy over there to engineer the road work! ha ha. He knows how to make that stuff set up!!! I'm pretty sure it takes Arkansas red clay gravel and WHOLE LOT OF IT to make it set up like concrete in that mud.
Believe it or not, I watched some of the game last night. I felt so sorry for those guys playing in that rain. I have a new appreciation for football players ability to 1)hold on to the ball and 2)plant their toes in the field for traction!!!! Our preacher said yesterday morning that the team that wanted the win the most is the one who would win and I believe he hit the nail on the head. It seemed the Bears just thought it would happen for them and the Colts gave it their all no matter what happened the whole game. (just an uneducated opinion, ya know) The commercials were okay, I got tired of watching them tho. I LOVED PRINCE!!!! Took me back two or three decades but I just love him. If he just didn't SEEM so w i e r d!!!!
MAY 5...that sounds great!!! Three months from today, one season away, beginning of the next major sport season-baseball, only one more holiday between now and then, snow will be gone from there and you should have a nice tan started (as best as we do). I hope if it changes again it only moves up instead of out.
LOVE YA and take care!!! Melanie

At 9:36 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

believe it or not, even I watched some of the super bowl game,,,and napped a little and ate cornbread, tunip green and pinto beans,, that was the best part! your dagwood sandwich sounds tempting today,gald you guys got to enjoy the game with all the trimmings!
we got our snow for the year and it was almost perfect. i was working, so i got to see it all from beginning to end,, we have cameras outside now. no accidents were reported,(during my 12 hours) temp stayed around freezing, so it did not start getting slick until early morning commute time,,,that was the almost in the perfect! it was just enought to close school ( i think the official was 1" over the dead grass) and most stayed home from work with the convenience of electricity, but it was beautiful. when i woke up, friday afternoon, the snow could have been a dream, the sun had come out and our winter wonderland was a memory.
thanks for the preacher's comment sis, it made my day.
love ya bunches

At 6:41 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Our friends Steven and Jennifer Powell had a daughter Jan. 26th. They were really hoping for a boy - since both are so in to sports. Steven is a high school basketball coach. I think you met them. Anyway, they named her "Peyton." Jen told me it was after Peyton Manning. I was wondering who "she" was until last night's Super Bowl!! BIG HaHa! (I'm serious)
Everyone's happy at this house!
I wish you many more great sandwiches!! I'm thankful for your appetite, attitude, and gratitude!


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