Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Orders for two Marines

  Today I spent 90 minutes throwing punches, kicking, jumping on boxes, crunches, and jump rope.  It hurt so bad it was great.  It was so funny to see how uncoordinated some of my Marines are.  This was not aerobics.  We had 10 different stations that we spent 2 minutes at each station.  We call it a circuit course.  It was fun.  I’m doing it again tomorrow.  The inside of my chest hurts – not from the exercises – but from breathing so hard.  It hurts when I cough.  Hahaha.

  1stSgt Mims got the orders he’s been wanting.  He’s going to Camp Lejuene when we get back and SSgt Schneider, my Radio Chief, is going to teach at the Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School.  I sent some e-mails to the CO and some other Marines to let them know that he had a lot of knowledge, was a good Marine for young Marines to emulate, and would make a good instructor.  They gave him orders today.  I am real happy for the both of them.

  This afternoon when I was done lifting, I was putting on my pistol belt and getting ready to walk out when I saw a female Marine working out on the elliptical machine.  I didn’t know there were any females here and thought it was weird.  I finished putting on my pistol belt and looked back up and she was gone but the Bn Gunner was on the machine.  So I walked over to the Bn Gunner and as I got closer I noticed he had a towel on his machine.  I asked him if he had just had that towel on his head and he said, “Yeah.  Why?”  I just looked at him and said, “I guess I’ve been here too long.”  Hahahaha.  I think I need to come home. Haha.



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