Friday, February 23, 2007

Good report from locals

  The two Generals that came for a visit went out in town and visited with the mayor and the sheiks.  The locals told the Generals that one of the reasons they are helping the military more now than in the past was because of the way we treat them.  They said that our unit has been the most courteous to their customs and traditions than any other unit that has been here and they feel safer with us than they did with the other units.

  When we heard about that, it made us all feel real good.  I am glad that we are able to make a difference.  I think the reason why we are doing so well is because of the training that the Corps puts us through before we deploy to an area.  The Marine Corps didn’t have all the Arab customs and traditions training when the war first started and it is getting better with each evolution.  We also have men who have been out here two or three times and understand more about the culture.

  Stacey, thanks for writing and thanks for the support.  The Marines are pretty easy to please.  When you don’t have anything, you’re grateful for everything.  Linda and you have been doing an outstanding job.  We got another box today from the school.  I got the gummy lifesavers out of it and the Marines grabbed up the chips, and all the other stuff.  Any snack food is always welcome.  Mom and Mom, I got both of your boxes today.  Thank you so much.  I had to share the Cherry Hershey’s kisses with everyone (I didn’t know that they made those) because if I eat too many of them I’ll be sick.  I think the Captain ate half the bag all by himself.  He doesn’t eat much junk but really liked them.  I’m going to watch the movie “Facing the Giants” tonight.  I heard that it was really good. 



At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud of ya'll. (is that word in your dictionary Linda?) Learning the differences in people and ACCEPTING them for their differences. Friend or foe. Cherry Hershey Kisses huh?? Haven't heard of them either but you know what???Just today there was a cherry in my drink from Sonic. I usually don't EVEN touch them but for some reason, today I wanted to try something different (really went out on a limb there huh?). AND I LOVED IT!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE BEEN GIVING GLORIA ALL MY CHERRIES ALL THESE YEARS!!!! You won't get another one girl.
I loved the poem the 12 year old daughter wrote. You are our heros and we thank God for putting the desire in your heart to stand for our country and what's right and wrong and to MAKE A DIFFERENCE no matter the cost.
LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!! Take care of yourself and watch that dirt and keep your ears tuned. Melanie

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two blonds were on opposite sides of a river. One hollared to the other "HEY!!! HOW DO YOU GET TO THE OTHER SIDE???" The other replied, "YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!"

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Melanie, our vocabulary is as bad as, like, whatever. California speak is a hoot when you overhear teenagers. Yep, I speak southern. There is a nice gal at Thorlo sock company who's been tryin' to teach me for years.

A blind guy walks into a bar and sits on a barstool.
"Hey, anyone want to hear a blond joke," he asks.
The guy sitting next to him says, "Listen, before you get started, I think you should know that the bartender is a blonde, the bouncer is a blonde, I'm blonde and the guy sitting on the other side of you is about 6'6", a blackbelt in karate, has some nasty looking tattoos. Now, do you still want to tell those blonde jokes?"
"Nah," the blind guy says, "I don't want to have to repeat them four times."
Here's a fun one:
Why do ghosts go to bars?
For the boos.
Mike, you have lots of people out here in California and also up in Washington state (hello Smokin'chaplain) who are reading your blog and supporting you and the guys. Take care!

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, I knew you'd like those gummy bears because they are from Germany. Glad to hear the locals appreciate all that you are doing. Sgt Major's knowledge of the customs, culture and language of the area seems to be helping. OOH-RAH Darkside.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

good job, guys. has to be hard to gain trust and then spread it.
i work with a girl who still says "ride on" or maybe she is saying "right on"!! at least it is not "groovey" i hated that word!! hahah. my favorite that the teenagers are using now is "sweet". sometimes i worry that something i say to a teenager will turn out bad when i meant for it to be good!! melanie probably has the dictionary on teenage vocabulary with 4 in the house! can you imagine?? somehow they all communicate very well with each other,, all at the same time!!haha
and mel, i always knew if you ever tried that sweet little treat at the end of your cherry coke, or hot fudge sundae, this would happen!!! but thanks for all the years of sharing,,,one big sister dirty little secret that bit the dust!!!
think sonic michael!!
love ya and stay safe

At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hard not to pick up on the teenagers language when you hear it so often but I try not to for fear of appearing like Steve Martin in that movie he was in with Queen Latifa that was soooo funny. You know what a nerd I am anyway. It would be hard for me to pull off a 44 year old cool. But Ben did get a chuckle the other day when I said someone was going "commando". Linda - if you ever have reason to be in Arkansas, call......I'm sure alot of us over here would love to do lunch. I appreciate your support of my favorite nephew.

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Melanie - let's take Linda to Leola - she'll think she has died and NOT gone to heaven! But the catfish will change her mind! We all appreciate you so much Linda - you are our "Person of the Week" every week!
Melanie - I have learned a lot from yours and mine playing poker (chips only) here at the house on the lingo and dress trends - but the only thing I hear from my teenager on a personal level is "Have you got a five?" which really interprets - please give me fifty! Where would we be with our computers and new cell phones without their brains though!
Mike - you need to get home and teach all of us a thing or two! I know the first thing you would do is put your little brother to work slinging burgers! It is the first step in getting to the top - right??
You rock Mike - - and you too Shelton! Love you both.

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Tiffany said...

I'll try one.
Two blondes were walking and one picked up a powder compact mirror on the side of the road. She opens it and says "hey, this looks familiar." The other one says let me see. So she opens it and says "yeah stupid, it's me."

Mike, stay safe over there and keep us posted. You and your guys are doing a wonderful job.

At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Okay, okay, if you insist...
A blonde hurries into the emergency room late one night with the tip of her index finger shot off. "How did this happen?" the emergency room doctor asked her. "Well, I was trying to commit suicide," the blonde replied. "What?" sputtered the doctor, "you tried to commit suicide by shooting your finger off?" "No, Silly!" the blonde said. "First I put the gun to my chest and I thought: I just paid $6,000 for these breast implants. I'm not shooting myself in the chest." "So then?" asked the doctor. "Then I put the gun in my mouth and I thought: I just paid $3,000 to have my teeth straightened, I'm not shooting myself in the mouth." "So then?" "Then I put the gun to my ear and I thought: This is going to make a loud noise. So I put my finger in the other ear before I pulled the trigger."

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I know a million blonde jokes . . I just can't think of one right now. DUH
But . . I do have a new ring tone on my new cell phone. Want to guess?
3 clues:
It’s a song.
I used to sing it in my “dark” times.
Loved it since childhood.
Missy, don’t tell.

Don’t think you can call me to hear it . . . .
. . . . because I put it on silent!! Double DUH
Go ahead and guess.


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