Tuesday, February 06, 2007


  I skipped my cardio today.  I set my alarm for 0500 but I couldn’t get up.  I was still too tired from being up the night before to watch the Super Bowl.  I didn’t roll out of bed until 0630.  So I skipped breakfast.  I went to the office and ate a snack cake and some beef jerky that someone had sent in one of the boxes.  What a great combination.

  I started working out with the SgtMaj today.  He always does “Nickels and Dimes”.  The dimes are the worst and of course, that’s what he’s doing this week.  For his workouts you take five days and do one body part each day (Chest / Shoulders / Back / Biceps & Triceps / Legs).  You pick four exercises for the specific body part.  Today was chest.  We did dumbbell press, decline bench, incline bench, and fly’s.  You do ten sets of ten.  Never change the weight.  So you have to do something that will be pretty easy at first and then it gets so hard you can barley lift it.  It’s almost embarrassing because guys come into the gym when you’re on your last set of 10 and they see that your struggling with such a light weight.  You end up doing 400 lifts total.  Nickles you only do five sets of five for the body part.  You change each week between nickels and dimes.  It’s a pretty good routine.  I have trouble keeping count of all the reps.  You have to be able to count to ten real well.  Hahaha.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Guess I'm a "penny person!"
Wish you had one or two of Nonnie's left-over homemade biscuit/homemade sausage sandwiches! Wish I had a cup of coffee - watching you eat it!!
Won't be long...

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that workout count!! I may try that Thurs. (run (slow motion of) m-w-f, push ups, sit up, LIGHT weights t-t. I can count to ten I just don't know about the 10 to the 10th power. 5 sounds alot better. I may be to broke for a dime!! ha ha ha Still lovin the body-for-life plan. Those heathly foods several times a day makes me feel so much better and I got off those few extra lbs I gained. But that m & m blast I had for lunch at Sonic today sure was good. (total deprivation just doesn't work for me) ha ha and besides...let me see.....oh yeah!!! ice cream....lots of protein and calcium...yeah that's it...works as good as your football square justification. ha ha ha ha ha 147 - I'll take some coffee.
Love ya lots! Melanie

At 3:55 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, that must be why Marines look so dignified in their uniforms, you all are in great condition. I missed my cardios this morning too, and yesterday and we can just keep on going. What a workout!! That must be where Brittni gets her athletic ability. I'm with 147.
Remember the kids who loved math a week ago? All gone. Two place subtraction is making our eyes spin. Tell Cpl Shannon Brittany put ten letters to him on my desk this morning!! Now that Corporal Castleberry is gone, she is writing up a storm to him and of course Jeffrey. Weatherman is promising rain. If it really comes, read the paper I sent about Californians because that's how it will be over here.
Shekinah said, "Do you know why gorillas have big nostrils? Because they have big fingers!! hahaha..." Yep I hear these all day.


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