Friday, February 16, 2007

2 WIA's

  This week has been pretty hectic.  There was always something going on.  All the Marines have been working pretty hard.  We had another General come by this morning to tour the area.  We have a Civil Affairs Group (CAG) that is out here working with us and they are responsible for helping the Iraqi’s with their infrastructure.  There are about 15 of them on the team.  They are going to try and get one of the passenger train stations operational.  The one we are at was used for working on the trains but there are two other very small stations where people boarded.  The General went out to tour the other two to see if he thought it was a good idea to put money into it.

  While he was gone, a Weapons Company convoy hit an IED.  I was the senior enlisted Marine on deck at the time so I was in the COC.  Two of our snipers were wounded.  Cpl Gray (driver) lost his right leg and his left foot and Cpl Powers (front passenger) just got his knee banged up.  The Gunner in the turret who stands between them didn’t get hit with anything.  The Marines in the back didn’t get hit either.  It’s amazing how a couple of feet can make such a big difference.  Our EOD team is assessing the site right now to figure out exactly what kind of explosive was used.  Both snipers were on their 3rd combat tour.  Cpl Gray had gotten meritoriously promoted to Corporal and his wife just had a baby.  He also reenlisted for four more years just a month ago.  This will be his second purple heart.  He got shot in Fallujah last year.

  We got a bunch of boxes from Linda today.  While we were opening the boxes, one of the Marines said, “This is just like Christmas.”  It was nice to get all the goodies.  She sent potato chips, dip, hacky sacks, and some more great magazines.  The Marines were really happy.  The boxes aren’t rolling in like they were during the holidays.  They got spoiled and thought it was going to be that way all the time.  hahaha.  I also got my box from Schellee.  She sent me some Dove chocolate for Valentines Day and all of my issues of “Sporting News” that I have been missing.  Thanks Babe.


At 1:17 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Oh Mike. I am so sorry for Cpl Gray, his wife and family. He must be one fine Marine. He will be the “man to watch” because I know this will not put him out of a future that will continue to “make a difference.” If you can get an address later, maybe we can all write to him.
I am curious to see if the General’s suggestions and recommendations match yours! If he’s right – I know that makes two! Glad you got a boost from the boxes. You guys deserve the biggest and best – everyday.
Seems I can feel tension building around 3-4. Know that we continue to pray for you all and you never leave our thoughts. Keep your ears tuned upward (tops of the trees)!!

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Sgt Major sent a great profile of an amazing young man, a young Marine dedicated and strong. Corporal Gray is an outstanding Marine and such an asset to our country. We will make sure he is not forgotten. Between 147 and our school, we'll make sure he gets letters and cards of support. God bless him and his family.
I'm glad to hear the packages continue to arrive and bring a smile to the guys. That's what we hope for and they deserve all we can do for them and more. Hello to all your Brave Marines and Sailors from out here on the coast.
Weather is amazing. 76 degrees today. Global warming indeed. UCLA is now in fifth place but moving up as their guys recover from injuries. Yesterday the congress voted on a resolution about the surge. The most important part is number one, They fully support the troops. That is Very Important for your guys to know. I watched the speeches on CSpan and every member spoke highly and respectfully of the Brave men and women of our military who show extraordinary courage and commitment.
Take care and stay strong. Thank you again for everything you are doing. You and your Marines truly make us proud.


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