Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Telephones are up

  The telephone switches are online and operational.  Everything went well.  A few people’s phones went down but we got them up pretty quick.  Not much else is going on around the camp.  It’s still pretty empty.  All three operations are still going on as planned and everyone is doing a great job.

  Hey Missy, Popular Mechanics Magazine is not “Shade Tree Mechanics”.  Hahaha.  Everyone knows I don’t work on cars.  I do like to looks at them.  Popular Mechanics is more of a scientific magazine about how and why things work.

  Some of my favorite shows are on Discovery Channel.  I like the shows about how they build big dams, bridges, and sky scrapers.  I think it’s cool.  I don’t ever want to do anything like that but it’s neat to know how it’s done.  I’d like to know how they change stadium events from a concert, to a football game, to a rodeo, and all that kind of stuff.  My other favorite shows are on Home and Garden Channel.  I like to watch Landscapers Challenge, Design on a Dime, and Gardening by the Yard.  My wife hates those shows, so I have to watch them on whenever she’s not around.  Hahaha.  I actually flip back and forth between those shows and football on Saturdays and Sundays.  Schellee doesn’t like videos either.  I think the only shows we both like are the reality shows and Everybody Loves Raymond.

  The show I’m most embarrassed about watching is “The Flavor of Love” with Flavor Flave.  Hahaha.  Schellee, Britni, and I all watched that show and then we watched it the second season too.  I didn’t even know who Flavor Flave was until I saw it.  It was pretty funny.  It was like “The Bachelor” but it had a lot of trashy women trying to date an old rapper and he would give them clocks to wear around there necks instead of roses.

  I’m done with one of my classes.  I got a 99% in my Advanced Computer Applications class.  I’ve got two more weeks left in my Software Design class.  I think I’ll be able to pull out a 92 – 95 in that class.  I’ve already got all of my weekly assignments done.  I’m just working on my papers now and of course I’ll be taking the final in two weeks.

  Rumors abound about getting extended.  No official word has been released.  Rumors of extension fly around for every deployment.  If it happens, it happens.  Semper Gumby.  I guess if we get extended I’ll register for another class.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

There's a military channel show I like to watch called, Making Marines. It follows kids as they go through basic training and how they transform into these incredibly proud young men and women who wear the anchor, globe and eagle pins. One of the clerks at the post office has a son who just finished basic training in May. When she went to his graduation ceremony, she said she kept scanning the guys looking for him and it took forever because he looked so different. She said the way he held himself and the look of confidence was something she had never seen. She watched him and as the end of the ceremonies approached, she thought he was going to cry, he looked as though he couldn't hold it in. She kept thinking,"oh no, don't cry". But he did and she did. Afterwards, he told her he was so proud and so filled with the emotions of being one of the Marines, one of the best and being with his brothers and couldn't hold it in. I've been sending things for years at the Carpinteria post office and now we have this wonderful bond of her son who is one of you.
I'm with you on Everyone Loves Raymond. My husband loves those CSI shows. I'm a CSpan and CNN junkie. We'll all be with you if your deployment is extended.
Congratulations on those high grades!! Wow,a Brave Marine AND a brainiac!! Bet Brittani is proud of her dad and it's good to have someone with your expertise on our side. My husband got his master's degree in educational technology which is essentially computers. I sent out a bunch of new Science and Popular Science magazines on Monday. More books too. Would your guys like more computer magazines? Sent out PC too. One of the kindergarten teachers brought me some ESPN magazines yesterday that will go out today.
Your pal,

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

I like some of the cooking channels. Rachel Ray is a hoot (ADHD)! Lately, I found a show, "How it is Made" and I’m hooked. Now I know how they make jelly beans, doors, guitars, etc. Of course I like the emergency medical shows – but your dad doesn't!! Remember when I used to tell you and dad about my day working at the doctor’s office -- during supper???
I’m so proud of your grades – esp. getting off to a slow start being sick – you did well. I’m not at all surprised!
Thinking of an extension makes a noise in my heart like someone starting a motor that is already running!! Just don’t think that is going to happen – thinking positive.
Took Pa to the cardiologists yesterday and it looked like someone had come through and wiped out all the magazines. Probably some office manager’s new year’s resolution (14 years in a row) to keep the waiting room up to date! Finally found him a November Newsweek. In the exam room, he read a story out of a hunters' publication and had to then tell me how this man killed a 5 foot rattler and skinned it with his teeth. Now I know how you felt at the dinner table!!

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Aunt Lea said...

Never was much of a student. Your grades are wonderful. Just hope you won't be signing up for another class. My favorite TV shows are on CNN - I like Larry King - some times he has crazy people on, but most of the time I find it interesting. As far as the cooking shows go it's Paula all the way! She is a hoot and her two sons are fun too. Want you to know you are in our prayers daily Michael - stay safe and sound!


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