Monday, January 15, 2007

Sheppard Boy

  A few of the Weapons Company personnel have started making their way back.  They are finishing up their month long series of raids that they’ve been doing through all the towns the boarder the river.  They got a lot of intel and snatched up a lot of bad guys.  The First Sergeant was telling me that almost every home they went to did not have a heater or A/C but they all had satellite TV.  He said almost every house would have a 15” TV in one corner of the room and everyone would be all bundled up in another corner.

  The Marines would set up a small first aid station in each town after they cleared it.  One little kid showed up with a bruise on his face and asked for medicine to make it go away.  The Doc looked in the kids mouth and he had two teeth that were rotten.  He got a pair of pliers and pulled the first tooth and the kid (probably 7 years old) didn’t scream or anything.  So he pulled another one and told the kid to come back the next day.  The kid came back and was all smiles.  He told them that his teeth had been hurting for as long as he could remember and he didn’t know what it was like to feel no pain.

  At another village, they passed out some Frisbees to the kids and the 1stSgt would play with one of the “rich” kids every day before and after school.  A Sheppard boy showed up one day with a swollen hand that was four times bigger than what it should be.  It looked like a big club.  He was 8 years old and worked for the rich kid’s father.  The Sheppard boy’s father received six sheep a year for the work of his son.  This kid was eight and would get up every day at 0400 and feed all the sheep.  Then he would take them out into the dessert and return around 1800 and put them all back into a cage.  He did this every day.

  The Jump platoon was out with the IED Roller again yesterday.  The lead vehicle with the roller spotted something in the road and stopped about five feet short of it.  They got out and it was a pressure plate IED.  They just happened to have an EOD Marine (bomb guy) with them.  They blew the IED in place and carried on with their mission saving the roller and the Marines.


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