Saturday, January 27, 2007


  The MWR satellite went down while I was gone so the only thing anyone could watch in the gym was DVD movies.  I went to the gym to work out and the guy that works there ask me of I could take a look at it.  I got one of my Staff Sergeants and we started tracing the wires and cables and got it working.  I don’t know if it will stay up.  We really just gave it a quick fix for now.  I think someone took some cables and a few parts from it.  We are trying to scrounge up some extra gear to make it more permanent.  I have to make sure its going to be up for the Super Bowl next week.  That would be terrible if we couldn’t see it.

  After we fixed it, I did a light workout.  This was my first workout with weights and I felt fine.  I didn’t push myself or anything but I’m pretty sure I’m at 100%.  I just need to start lifting and get back to where I was before I got sick.  I’ve got about 100 days so I have plenty of time.

  January is almost done.  Captain Bair is ready to go home.  He’s walked in about four times today and said, “That’s it. I quit.”  He’s just joking but I know he’s ready to get out of here.  Just last month he was saying how great the extension would be and how it would give us more time to do more things out here.  He was acting all happy when we got extended.  Now he’s ready to go home.

  I told him that I blame the extension on him.  He’s going to be the last man out of Al Qaim when the Battalion leaves.  He is the junior Captain in the Battalion so that means he will be the “Plane Captain” when we go back.  A plane captain is responsible for manifesting all personnel.  He will be in charge of all the paperwork to get everyone back to the states and he has to keep taking accountability until we step off of the busses at 29 Palms.  He hates doing stuff like that.  Of course the Staff NCO’s will actually do most of the work and hold all the formations and do all the head counts but he will be ultimately responsible for the movement of the Battalion.  He will have to break everyone down in sticks for every movement on busses, helicopters, planes, and billeting requirements.


At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Satellite is on the fritz, Captain Bair is ready to go home and the paint is being applied to the walls. Sounds as though there is never a dull moment. Captain Bair is lucky to have you with him to keep everything calm and in perspective. Knowing how much you like football, that TV will be working just fine next Sunday.
Rain has finally come and the lawns and hills will be covered with greenery in a few days. Serena Williams won the Australian Open yesterday against Maria and there are some questions about how she got those enormous muscles that rival Arnold Schwarzeneggars.
Take care Brave Marines

At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did that guy go to "Oz" with you or has he been lately? That would make anybody ready to go home....much less all of that paperwork and mass organization ahead. He's probably ready to get that over with.
Did you paint the floor? Or is it tile? Painting a concrete floor really helps "clean" it up.
147mom - sure am glad they discovered the need to place that stint!!!


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