Thursday, January 11, 2007

New things

  I got up this morning to watch the presidents speech before I went to the gym.  I knew right after he mentioned the Anbar Province that we would be extended.  I went to the gym, did some cardio, and some sit ups (only 75), then showered up and went to chow.  I was about to leave the chow hall when the SgtMaj and 1stSgt walked in and told me that we were going to be here for an extra 90 days.  I figured it was coming.  No big deal.  The Marines all took the news pretty well.  First Battalion Second Marines out of Camp Lejuene will not be replacing us now.  They are going to go somewhere else.  Third Battalion, Seventh Marines from Twentynine Palms got the word that they will deploy early and will replace us in Al Qaim in about five months.

  My wife bought a brand new van yesterday.  I am so glad she finally went and got it.  We have been looking at minivans (test driving, comparing prices, haggling, sending e-mails, researching crash tests and reliability scores) since September.  The biggest problem is; I’m cheap.  The best vans that we found are not the cheap ones.  So, she splurged a little and got a really good one.  I’m happy that she’s happy.  It should make her life much easier.  That little 96 Neon is way to small for three kids and one or two adults.

  I also got to see my new foster baby this morning.  Schellee held him up to the camera and let me look at him.  This is the first time we’ve had two boys.


OK, I’m saying this with humor…..  Don’t take this out of context…It’s meant to be FUNNY.  It’s always a bad idea to try to use emotion or humor in writing but here it goes anyway.


My Day went like this…

First, I woke up in Iraq.  Not good.  Then, the President made me believe that I might have to stay in Iraq longer than planned.  Still not good but it’s OK.  Next, I found out that my fears were true and we were extended – I went from 63% done with my tour to 44%.  This day can’t get any worse.  Then, while talking to my wife I learned that she wrote a check for $26,700.  WHAT??  Probably a good thing I got extended so I can make some more tax free money.  Then she holds up our new baby boy to the camera – yep, you guessed it; he’s black as the night.  Great!  That’ll be a wonderful picture in the base newspaper when I get off the bus run up to my wife to see our newborn son for the first time.  The photographers stick to everyone with a newborn baby to catch those precious moments.  How funny it will be to see the photographers face when he sees that I’m white.  I may even act startled and start yelling or something just to make it seem more real.  Hahahaha.


  The truth is.  I don’t mind being extended.  I’m glad we got a new van.  $26,700 out the door is a steal for what we got.  I don’t care what color the baby is or the looks we get.  We’ve had all kinds of races – you get used to it.  He needs a good home and he will get it at my house.  We love taking care of them.

  Hope everyone else is having a better day.  Hahaha.


At 7:49 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Mike - Mike - Mike
I hate it! -I hate it!-I hate it! That’s one for each month extended! Lot’s of questions and unrest now from everyone on this side of the big pond. Nevertheless, you and the others will continue to give 110 percent without one doubt. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!! The whole world owes you all so much, so just know that we will continue to pray and support our Brave Marines and all our troops even more.
Does me good to know you are up to 75 sit-ups. That is a great improvement and what I was needing to hear. Guess you’ll be signing up for more classes now.
I didn’t know we had a new baby! Is his name something I can pronounce? He’ll be the ball player – don’t you know! Know Schellee will send pictures when she gets time. She will not regret buying the van.
Just got a call from a friend – she has puppies. We’re getting a black one with brown tips for Nonnie and Pa; half toy poodle and half fox terrier. House dog if you can believe that! We’ll see. Pa has been talking how he wished he had a little house dog for quite some time. I can’t believe I’m doing this! Shelton is more than flabbergasted.
MY DAY WENT LIKE THIS . . . is hilarious! It’s a real side-splitter! I absolutely love your humor, your openness, and your attitude. I’ll e-mail you the story of my day. It’s long and almost as unbelievable too.

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous said...

Your friends at the Carpinteria Library Bookstore wish you and the rest of the folks home safe and soon.

Susan, April, Paul, and Dave

At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, I just got home and read your blog. What a sidesplitter!! You are a riot! Thank heavens you have such a good sense of humor! That has to help the guys in your platoon. Then I read the message from Susan at the Carpinteria Friends of the library bookstore. They should be called the Friends of the Marines Library Bookstore because that's where most of your books come from. They are wonderful. I go in on Saturdays and Susan, Paul and Dave will just start filling up bags with books for you.The guys know guy books and they are always smiling and so happy to help you guys. Always sending good messages too. All I have to do is put them in boxes and ship them out. I printed out the blog where you mentioned the books and gave it to them. Susan posts your pictures up there too. So, while you are fighting a war, maintaining communications for the Bravest men, our little town is thinking of you and supporting your guys.
I'm with your mom and can't wait to hear the new baby's name.
Got a great letter today from Captain Bair. Let him know I'll write him a motomail tonight.
Take care. That extension is not good news. 3/7 is out in the field doing their exercises for the next ten days. Hello to the guys. Today after school, a bunch of older kids came down to ask for more Marines to write to so finally,finally the Corporals and Sergeants will start getting mail. Sent a bunch of books to Jump Platoon and Sgt Major too. Lots of Calvin and Hobbes just because they are funny.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Reader said -

Your context words were pretty darn funny. I think its a worse idea to try and NOT write with emotion...b/c if your emotion isnt in it, whats the point of saying anything at all? Thanks for sharing with us, and you and your family are in my prayers.

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Tiffany said...

You are hilarious. I am cracking up. Sorry to hear that you have to stay longer, but it's good to know that you're not that upset about it. I'll continue to pray for you and the other marines and your families. Stay safe over there and stay cheerful and keep us posted.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THREE MORE MONTHS!!! And to think I've been warming up my vocal cords and practicing kareoke in the car for when you come back. Oh well, guess I need the extra practice....hahaha
You will get looks???? Nothing like in SHERIDAN I'll bet!! ha ha ha I'm proud that you and Schelle and Britni are able to ignore and overlook human unjust and ignorant judgments.

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am jealous that your family is living something I wish I had time to do...Fostering....It's been a big dream of mine, that I have put off until life settles down, whichI suppose is like saying, "I'll have kids when I can afford them!" Nevertheless...I'd love to visit with Schellee about it when she drives that hot new van to ARK. Take care and know that our prayers continue for you and yours extended stays....angela pumphrey


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