Friday, January 05, 2007

Metal Box

  The Marines that had their rooms burned up in the fire have all moved down to the tin cans.  While they were sifting through the ashes they found a locked metal box.  Someone shouted, “Hey, whose box is this?”, and another Marine came running over with a key.  It was a fireproof box that he had gotten just a week prior.  His roommates had been making fun of him saying that he wasted his money.  He opened it and pulled out his brand new laptop.  No one is making fun of him now.

  I got a box from my Mom and Melanie today.  They sent me Dove chocolate and Sheridan Headlights.  I love reading the hometown newspaper.  Of course, I also love eating Dove chocolate.  It’s the smoothest chocolate you can get in the U.S.  I think it beats most European chocolates too.  I also got some more boxes from Mrs. Reimel.  She sent a lot of really great books and magazines.  The Marines snatched them all up pretty quickly.  I grabbed a Far Side book and a Popular Mechanics Magazine.  They grabbed the novels and the gun magazines.  I guess my sophisticated tastes aren’t shared by everyone.  Hahaha.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I'm sure that Marine with the laptop is everyone's new best friend.
I can see you with the Far Side book but Popular Mechanics? Did you grab that one on purpose?
Love you,

At 12:50 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I'd probably lock up the chocolate!

At 4:28 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

That is a smart Marine and Missy is right, he'll be Mr. Popular which translates to "Can I borrow your laptop?" The Dove chocolates sound like a perfect combination with a fun read. I boxed up three heavy boxes of magazines and books this afternoon and will ship them out tomorrow. More guns, ammo and technical magazines and lots of paperbacks. Mike, the only people who call me Mrs. Reimel are about three feet tall and still think glitter is the greatest thing ever invented. We finished our letters today and I was surprised at how much more they can write in such a short time. you'll see a big improvement over their first letters. David is now the center of attention as he reads and rereads his letters to his friends. Even my most reluctant readers enthusiastically wrote long letters. Brittany's face was beaming when she read the letter from Cpl Castleberry. It's like priming a pump because receiving those letters has made all the kids realize there truly is someone over there. The connections are amazing. Mrs. Leppaluotto's (Katherine's) kids who received letters from Sgt Blanco, Cpl Castleberry, LCpl Defreze and others came down yesterday to share them with me. Katherine said they were stumped when she handed them the envelopes, they had never received letters before so they put them on their desks and just smiled. "Open the envelopes," she told them. "Huh?" "There's a letter in the envelope for you." Of course that's when her class got excited and asked if they could run (no, boys and girls, we WALK in the halls) down and show me. Yep, the Marines of H and S Communications were much in our minds. Thanks guys!
Happy reading Brave Marines.


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