Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Everything is Breaking

  1stSgt Mimms is doing a lot better today.  He says he’s back to normal.  Some people have asked about the reaction of the Iraqi’s about the execution of Saddam.  I know they are having some issues in other parts of the country but there was really no reaction at all in our area.  There were no big celebrations, although the people said they were happy, and there hasn’t been any violence or threats because of it.

  2007 didn’t start off so well for my shop.  We lost three telephone switches at about 0100 on New Years Day.  We had five total and we need two on line at all times.  So, we don’t have any backup now.  The Marines had just finished programming one and was ready to hook it up to the network and it blew a fuse and caught two of them on fire.  Then it short circuited four terminals from another good one and blew its cards out.  They were doing this so they could move into the building that they’ve been remodeling.  Now it looks like the move will be on hold for another three to four weeks.  It short circuited about six field phones too.  Our satellite shot went down and we lost comm with higher headquarters.  When we tried to relocate the satellite our tracker system stopped working so we couldn’t find it.  Then one of our other shots (we call it a MUX shot) went down and we lost comm with four of our battle positions.  Then two hours later the Bn’s main communication channel went down.  We got that up about 15 minutes later by taking down a different channel.  We were running around like crazy.  Everything went wrong, but most of it is back up now.  The Captain labeled the slides for his brief “Bad”, “Worse”, “The Worst”.  He said, “We have to think of something good that happened today so I can put it in my brief.”  I told him that one of our LCpl’s installed a DVD reader on the SgtMaj’s computer and now he can watch movies on it.  So, he put that in there.

  Cpl Bostick got promoted to Sergeant yesterday.  Linda, I’ll try to get you some pictures for your students.  Sgt Mora was taking pictures with his camera and the camera just froze up and stopped working on him.  It was pretty expensive.  It had touch screen and edit features on it.  He’s trying everything to get it to work again.  It seems like everything is breaking out here.  I’m guessing that by tomorrow morning we will have everything up to normal.

  Hope everyone had a happy new year.


At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After starting off the new year like that, think of the bright side...the new year can only get better!!
Love you stay safe!

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

You've got a BIG job! What a responsibility to master-mind and get things back up sooner than possible! Can just imagine you and your men busting gut! Must be quite a team! I hope the gratification of rushing and working to get things back running balances out the frustration.
Thankful there have been no surprises from Saddam’s snakes. Happy that 1stSgt Mimms is better. Too bad about Sgt Mora’s camera – I like that man! Thanks for making time to blog.

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, since everything has already broken down...it should all run perfectly for the rest of the year...right?!? Happy New Year to you all, and a big thank you for your service.

angela pumphrey

At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Holy communications fiasco, MSgt Harris!! Sounds like the Bermuda Triangle of communications systems. Being the Wizards of the Wires, you all (or y'all as 147 would say) will have it back up soon. What a day! Happy New Year indeed. Glad to hear the Iraqis are realizing Saddam was one of the ultimate bad guys and he couldn't leave soon enough.
Congratulations to Sergeant Bostick. Josh will be so excited when I tell him. It turns out his sister, Jaanai, was supposed to be writing to LCpl Shannon. She came up to me today with a letter she had written to him. All will now be good. We haven't had a mailman come in one and a half weeks and lots of letters are sitting in the office waiting to go out to you. Today (this is getting to be an epic) Jan Nichols came up to me and said her class would be writing to your guys. She has a lot of my old students from last year and she said when she announced today that they would be writing to you, they started cheering. Her classes always write the best letters even though they are only third graders, much better than the older kids. You'll love their letters. Now the guys will be standing next to the mailbox and waiting for something good to read. Angela was so excited when I told her about Captain Bair that she started dancing. I was on recess duty and she just danced around me telling about the letter she worked on all vacation. Bet it will be a great one.
Take care, Brave Marines and here's to a Happier New Year than yesterday brought.

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Tell Sgt Mora not to worry about the pictures. I have a printer now and can send lots of pictures from this end. Many students come up to me all the time, pose and say, "Mrs. Reimel, will you take my picture and send it to the Marines?"


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