Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cobra Down

This was supposed to be sent yesterday but it didn’t get through…

  One of our fiber optic lines got cut about four days ago.  It’s a special kind of fiber that we don’t have the tools to fix so we are dependant upon other units at other basses for support.  It took 20 hours to get the techs in with their gear to start working on it.  They worked on it for about three hours and decided it was beyond repair.  So we had a role of this type of fiber that had been sitting outside for about two years.  We ran a new line and it came up just fine….for about four hours.  It went down and no one really knows why.  I’m guessing that it was left out in the elements for too long and once it got all stretched out it started cracking.  The length of the run is about 2,200 meters.  Only one end of the line had all the breaks.  I’m guessing that the outer layers of the fiber from the spool insulated the other inner layers.  Which, I’m hoping, is the reason there are no breaks at the other end.  We don’t have enough cable to make another run.  The techs have one splicing kit.  So we are running the back end of the wire again and the techs are going to splice into it.  Let’s hope they get it right the first time and my theory is correct.  We never suffered a network outage because we have another path that we use when one goes down.  However, that path is very slow and limits our capabilities.


This is today’s…

  The splice worked and everything is running at full speed.  A plane came in today with two more reels of fiber and we are going to run it a different route so we will have another backup just in case it ever breaks again.

  A Cobra helicopter went down in our area this morning.  No one was hurt.  It had some hydraulic problems and the pilot set it down on a road.  The jump went out to set up security around it.  The SgtMaj went with them.  The worst job is to get stuck on a team that goes out to set up security.  All you do is sit there and wait for someone to fix whatever is broken.  Usually you’re sitting in the desert for five to eight hours keeping the perimeter secure while a wrecker comes by and hooks it up or repairs the vehicle.  The SgtMaj was stuck out there for nine hours today.  When we first got here, the young Marines were thinking it was like “Black Hawk Down” and they would be setting up a perimeter and getting trigger time.  They found out pretty quickly that they were wrong.  They got the cobra fixed – kind of.  It could only fly about 15 feet off the ground.  So, the pilot flew it along the road while the vehicles drove in front of it.  I can’t imagine what the Iraqi’s thought when they saw it.  That may have been worth the wait.



At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who got snow????? I saw the news this morning and they were showing pics of (I think) LA county with snow??? Just wondering if Schellee and Britni got any or if Linda did. (Totally clueless about California geography much less where Linda's school is)
Michael...I decided to make a practice of situps and pushups (I hate) at night so, Sunday night the whole family ended up in the floor at one time or another doing situps and pushups. Well, I did 30 the old fashioned way with my legs straight, long pause, then 20 with my knees bent. Then 20 pushups. Well, Monday, no big deal, couldn't believe I was not sore, but by Monday night I was so sore when I got in the floor to do them again I could not even go back I was so sore!!! It's Thursday now and it still hurts to bend over to put on my shoes!!!! Looks like I'm gonna have to work up to "the old fashioned way". ha ha ha but first I've got to recover before I start the "every night" practice.
Haven't had any cobras grounded over here (that I know of) but a chicken did escape from a truck before turning into the Tyson plant the other day.
LOVE YA!! Melanie

At 9:56 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

maybe this is the incentive i need! i drink my morning coffee everyday and think of my "ball" tucked away in my spare bedroom and how i should be on it, the thought goes away quickly and i find myself realizing i "forgot" about the ball again today!
i am amazed at the very short amount of time you guys are able to repair a fiber optic cable! we have had a break in the cable and even with all the supplies and techs, repair time is usually quite a bit longer.(trying to be careful,,, never know who may be reading this blog!!hahha)what i'm trying to say is, great job guys!
ok, i stopped long enough to get on the ball and make sure it wasn't dry rotted,, sure enough, it wasn't, and i managed a 7 min work-out. would that be the "old fashioned way" you were speaking of, mel?
love ya bunches!
stay safe!

At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

We had a light dusting of snow on the mountaintops surrounding us but it melted within a couple of hours. Freezing temperatures though. Lost most of the state's citrus crop. Melanie, we're easy to find on the map. Look at the state of California. Find LA. Look out in the Pacific Ocean just above LA and there is a series of small islands, called the Channel Islands. We are just to the right on the coast by the third and fourth islands. Our school is about an hour north of LA. On one side we have the Coastal Mountain Range and on the other, the Pacific Ocean.
Good news on the fiber optic wires working and the skill of your guys in getting everything in order. Strong leadership, skills and motivation all working together. What a scene the Cobra heading down the highway must have been. That would have made a great picture, especially being escorted by Jump.

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I'm thinking "duck tape!"

Exercise?? I could go to "Curves" for years - and still wouldn't find one! HaHaHa


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