Sunday, January 07, 2007

Break Down

  My Marines got two of the telephone switches fixed about two days ago.  They took them apart and used the parts of one to repair the other two.  They will try to cut everything over again tonight.  Hopefully they won’t blow anything up.

 The Jump platoon rolled out today to go on a very long convoy.  They went out to check on Weapons Company.  They’re in the middle of a 25 day mission.  The jump attached IED Rollers to their lead vehicle.  The IED roller is big metal arm with wheels on the end that extends out in front of the vehicle.  The wheels roll along the ground in front of the hummer and will hopefully detonate any pressure plate IED that it drives over.  The arm extends about 30 feet in front of the truck so hopefully the blast will not hurt anyone in the vehicle.  It’s pretty cool looking.  It even has regular headlights and infrared lights on the front of it.  A Marine sits in the passenger seat and controls a little joystick to steer the wheels.  The first few versions of the arm didn’t have steering capabilities.  So when the vehicles would turn, the wheels didn’t actually drive over the same spot as the hummer.  Now they do.  They just got back about an hour ago.  They got about eight miles from the link-up point with Weapons Company and a vehicle broke down.  By the time they got everything fixed they didn’t have time to get there so they turned around and drove.  They are pretty upset.  They drove all day long and didn’t actually get anything accomplished.


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

I saw a program on Discovery Channel about megatrucks and they featured an enormous truck that is being used in Afghanistan to dedect and detonate IEDs. The entire landscape of Afghanistan is littered with IEDs and landmines. This truck is about five stories high with such a heavy undercarriage that is simply grinds up the IEDs and we saw them exploding underneath and the vehicle just kept rolling along. That would be great where you are.
I can imagine how upset Jump Platoon is to have gone so far and not been able to provide support for Weapons. Maybe tomorrow. Godspeed to them all.

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless the man who invented that cool piece of equipment......something like that never crossed my mind but I sure am glad it crossed somebody's!!!!
I just read the entry about the guy with the fireproof box....I'll bet he was like a kid at Christmas! What have the other guys come up with to occupy their free time?? You said once that some of the other guys were going to try to gather up some things for them.
Glad you got the chocolate. It's one of my favorites too! Of course I'm not too hard to please on the dark chocolate thing. The first I remember liking was the Hershey "Special" (that use to only come in the assorted mini bag) but I'm not too picky.....I like chocolate chips right out of the bag. Dove is definately smoother than that. Have you had the "dark" M & M's?? They taste like chocolate chips with a candy coating. Works for me....less mess.
How are the workouts going???
LOVE YA & MISS YA!!! Melanie

At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Happy Birthday to the King!! Today is Elvis' birthday and that calls for an Elvis impersonator tryout. Now THAT might be fun!

At 4:10 AM, Anonymous 147 - a few said...

Here goes - "you ain't nothin' but a hound dog!!"
akji jfii fhkihv cubloirojiik biifjhgk,jmzjjxxxxx jid firi xxx ijid aai x c x c xs xxxx kx fa ddf (me dancing)
Thank you - thank you - thank you very much.

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous The King said...

People think I'm a silly fool
Because I think you are so nice and cool
And some people say
You're so square
But I don't care
You're bringing out the Elvis in me
You're bringing out the Elvis in me

You're bringing out the Elvis in me
Making my hip
Want to swing
Making me burst out and sing
You're bringing out the Elvis in me.

At 7:00 AM, Anonymous 147 back on track! said...

Someone better take Linda's battery out - she sounds dangerous!


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