Saturday, December 16, 2006


  Well, two of my Marines were supposed to fly to Al Asad this morning to turn in some gear for maintenance.  I have five maintenance Marines but they don’t have all the components necessary to fix everything so we have to take whatever we can’t fix to Al Asad.  The helicopter was delayed at Korean Village (KV) because of snow.  KV is about an hour south of us by helicopter.  I heard this morning that some of the Marines said they saw snow flurries but I didn’t believe them until the Air Officer told me the flights were delayed until it stopped snowing in KV.  They finally got out around 1300.

  It rained a little last night.  The thunder woke me up.  I got a “Buffalo Jacket” from supply yesterday.  It’s a really nice fleece jacket with a zipper up the middle and pockets with reinforced shoulders and elbows.  We aren’t supposed to wear it as an over garment by Marine Corps Order but the SgtMaj said we could wear it on the outside of our cammies as a jacket while we were at the base.  The Marines were pretty happy to hear that.  Before yesterday they could only wear them underneath their Gortex jackets.  He’s a stickler for the rules (as he should be) but the other night he had to stand outside while he made a satellite phone call to his family and he got real cold so he decided to change his mind. Hahaha. 

  Tomorrow is MSgt McAnulty’s memorial service.  We’re going to have it outside because there is no way we have enough room for all the people that want to attend in any of our buildings.  Those jackets will come in handy.


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, I attended the funeral of one of our Marines in Bakersfield. His former platoon commander who is now at Quantico, flew out from Washington, DC and asked me to attend. He said I should see how the Marines honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. He stood guard although he was no longer his commander and presented the flag to his widow. I was honored to be asked and he was right. Every American should see how the Marines give tribute and show their bonds with those comrades who died in the service of their country. We will all be there with you in spirit as you honor him.
God bless you all.
Your friend,

At 7:15 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

sounds as if it is very cold there, i don't think of the desert as being cold untill after sundown. in the old army days jackets simular to that were called "flack jackets". when your dad wore his, he looked like something from the north pole except of course the jackets were army green.
will be there with you in spirit during the memorial service, this one may hit you a little closer to home.
love ya


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