Monday, December 25, 2006

Silly String

  LCpl Williams is doing great, in case you’re wondering.  I talked to him this morning and then again this afternoon.  He’s been working all day and doing a good job.  I wish I could talk about what is going on.  The Marines are doing great things out here.  We are turning up the heat on the bad guys and they are feeling it.  The Marines are working extra hard because we are short but it is not stopping us from getting the job done.

  I was going to leave tomorrow but the doctor came by and said, “Let me see you do 20 sit ups.”  I couldn’t do it.  I got to four and had to quit.  So, I’m not going.  I was doing 76 in one minute before my operation.  I want to be out there but I know I have to get better.  I see everyone heading out and I just watch as they drive away.

  I received some packages from Mrs Reimel’s class.  It had some great stuff in it.  Including some Silly String.  We have already found some uses for it.  Capt Bair shot it all over our Logistics Officer and they retaliated about two later by spraying Silly String and shaving gel all over him.  It was beautiful how they set him up.  First they hit him with silly string and while his head was down they brought out the gel and he didn’t realize it until after they were done.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

happy to hear LCpl Williams is doing well.
i can imagine you are not too happy about having to stay in for a little longer, but at the same time thankful the doc came by. i know your heart will be there with these guys while they are out. besides,, someone has to stay in to recieve all the pkg from the states!
Merry Christmas
stay safe
love ya

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

There are two boxes of silly string on their way to you. We read Marines are using it to spray into doorways and detect IEDs that might be hidden there. Glad to hear Captain Bair could stop worrying about that paint and have some fun.
The news about LCpl Williams is good and I'll tell Katie who absolutely adores him. Hello to LCpl Shannon, Gilham, Farrell, Sgt Mora,LCpl Ortega, Nguyen, ALL of your Brave Marines. Merry Christmas!!


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