Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Helicopter Crash

  Yesterday afternoon, my Marines were out practicing conducting helo raids with Weapons Company.  I went out and watched them for a few minutes before I went to afternoon chow.  It’s pretty neat and they have a lot of fun.  They get in the helicopters and fly around in a circle then practice landing fast and the entire force jumps out does a raid on their objective.  They do this over and over for about three hours.  They’ve done it a few times before but this time they were rehearsing for a specific mission.

  A few minutes after returning from chow I learned that one of the helo’s had dropped off my men at our landing pad and was on its way to the Weapons Company Battle Position to drop them off when it crashed.  A Marine that was on embassy duty during the same time as me, was seriously wounded and medivaced to Balad where he succumbed to his wounds.  He was an awesome person.  Always making jokes and having a good time.  His Marines really loved him.  I saw the crash site via a remote plane that we control that gives us live footage but I can’t comment on anything else right now.  There will be an investigation.  It did not crash due to enemy activity.  A sergeant had his spleen removed and an officer had his hand crushed.  The other Marines have routine injuries like broken bones and bruises.  Pray for the wounded Marines.  The Marine that was killed was divorced with no children.  I went to lunch with him several times.  He didn’t know anyone that wasn’t a friend.  When his next of kin are notified, I will post his name.

  Today I got to chat with my wife on yahoo chat.  It was really nice to catch her on the computer.  It makes the time fly by.  I’m so glad I bought a camera for the computer before I left.  I was able to see Britni too.  I’m going to try and find someone with a web cam out here so I can hook it up and let them see me.

  I received a letter today from a young man in Pinole, California that is trying to become an Eagle Scout.  His community project was to collect goods to ship to U.S. Forces in Iraq.  He collected 360 lb.’s of stuff to send us.  He is sending 17 boxes of hygiene gear, reading material, snacks, and school supplies for us to hand out to the local community.

  The ten Marines from 1/2 went home today.  They are going to Mojave Viper (A desert exercise in 29 Palms to get their battalion prepared for Iraq) in January and then they’ll go back to Camp Lejeune for a month and start making their way over here in mid March.


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the crash and the loss of your friend. I know he'll be missed and you'll just have to take up that slack of the great attitude,cracking jokes and making people laugh.
It's exciting that the people that are going to replace you are getting prepared. Woohoo! The countdown is on......I've just got this need to kareoke!!! ha ha ha I know, I can't spell. I am glad YOU love your job!!!! I think I would like to spend one day in your shoes just to see what it's like. Just ONE tho.
That is soooo neat you can see Britni and Schellee!! Thank God for modern technology!!
Take care.....I love you!

At 7:20 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

so sorry to hear of the crash and your embassy man. i know he will be missed on earth, but you know he will be someone in heaven you can look up to and still laugh with. my prayers go to the marines who were injured.
so proud you are able to chat with schellee and britni, that has got to be the best therapy for all of you! i know how i feel just to get to read your newest post!
what an accomplishment for the "eagle scout to be"! wow, your men are going to have a blast passing out all the goodies,, i can only imagine the faces on the givers and receivers when this special event takes place. so comforting to know the support for you guys is so much more than our eyes can see.
thank you for taking your time to inform us of your day.
you are still taking very good care of yourself,,, right??
love you very much!!


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