Friday, December 29, 2006

Four Brothers and an Iraqi Patriot

  It rained all night two nights ago and when I got up yesterday morning all the mud holes were frozen.  The wind blew all day long.  It was really cold.  I had to go get a beanie from supply.  We are currently experiencing highs of 45 and lows of 28.  Probably not as cold as Arkansas but everyone knows how much I hate the cold weather.  I would rather have the 130 degree heat.  The wind makes it worse.  Especially for our guys that are gunners for the vehicles.  They stand up in the turrets of the vehicles to man the guns while they drive down the roads.  There’s not much we can do for them.  They just have to bundle up.  They wear ski masks, gaters (a piece of cloth that covers your head and neck), beanies, fleece jackets, and gortex to try and stay warm.

  They say it’s going to get colder through January.  It would have been miserable to be out in that weather on the missions.  It’s kind of weird but being miserable is what brings everyone together.  The best stories come from when everyone is sharing their most miserable moments.  As miserable as everyone knows it must be out there; everyone still wants to go.  So far, no injuries have happened to any of our Marines on the missions and they have caught or killed many anti-Iraqi fighters.  News bulletin, we’ve been told to start calling them Anti-Iraqi Fighters (AIF) now.  

  We had the memorial service for the India Company men that were killed on December 21.  Their names were; LCpl Ryan J. Burgess (USMC), LCpl Ryan L. Mayhan (USMC), LCpl Fernando S. Tamayo (USMC), and HN Kyle A. Nolen (USN).  They also had an interpreter with them.  They called him “Mike” but his name was Fathel Rahman Omar Abdel.  I didn’t really know the Marines or the terp (interpreter) but I knew Doc Nolen from Mojave Viper before we came out to Iraq.  The funny thing about all of our interpreters is that they’re all called by American names.  Their name could be Abdul Rabuse Jehosive Alraqba and then the Marines look at them and say, “Good-to-go, we’ll call you Henry”.  And so it is.

  I got some boxes from Mrs. Means 5th grade class today.  There was a lot of food and goodies packed in the boxes.  I can’t believe how much support we get from an elementary school.  I told the Captain that when we get back I’m going to take a bunch of the guys to visit the school on a Friday morning to personally thank them.  The guys were excited and asked if they could wear their uniforms to visit.  I told them I didn’t think the school would have a problem with it but I’m going to coordinate with Mrs. Reimel.  Captain Bair asks every mail call if he got a letter from his pen pal.  He’s like a little kid. ---- As I was getting ready to send this, one of our vehicles hit an IED.  Two Marines were injured.  It’s too early to know anything else about it. ----


At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, God bless your Angels and may they find peace. Their sacrifices must never be forgotten. Candles have beeen lit at the Mission in their names and many prayers said. So much sorrow and so much courage.
Do you have hand warmers? Glad the boxes have started coming in, we had fun boxing things up and the kids in Ruth's class wrote your Marines some wonderful letters. Their parents also wrote to tell your guys how much they love and appreciate them and all you are doing.
We would LOVE to have your guys come visit us. If they wear their uniforms, the kids will be extra excited because, as you know from their letters and cards, they think the world of you all. Tell the guys that they are ALL welcome!!
Stay safe, Brave Marines.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and those you serve with during and after the execution of Sadam...May the wings of ten thousand angels protect you all during this tumultuous time.
God Bless You,
Angela Pumphrey

At 3:19 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Mike - I'm right there with Angela - thinking and praying for the safety of all of you and for successful missions. As much as some are celebrating - others are surely more hostile. Thank You God for our Brave Marines - watch over them and hide them under Your wings - go before them - confuse the enemy - set things right!


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