Friday, December 15, 2006


  Not much going on today.  I heard that my Grandma was out of the hospital with a new knee.  I’m glad everything is going well for her.  I know my Grandpa will be glad to get her back.  Today is Steak and Potatoes day at the chow hall.  My Marines had some Soldiers come over and run electricity all through their newly made rooms.  They were putting in electrical outlets, lights and switches.  I told my Marines that they owed the Soldiers a steak dinner tonight.  It went over some of their heads.  A few of them got it.  Their room is turning out to be really nice.  I told them that if they all pitched in a few dollars I would have one of the convoys stop and buy them a big Iraqi rug to put in their living area.  They acted like they wanted one so we’ll see if they collect up the money.  We are using paper (newspaper and magazines) to insulate it better.  There is only one heater in the living area but I think it will do the job.  It is very comfortable in their right now.  We just want it to stay that way during January.  Hope everyone is doing well.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newspaper for insulation......ha ha ha....sounds like something Momma would come up with. We have a word around here for ideas like that....ha ha ha but I guess its making the most out of what you have and I think that is great!!!! A HEATER????? I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN THE DESERT AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT GOT COLD ENOUGH FOR A HEATER!!!!! Shoot, it's in the 60's HERE today!!! Just keep those guys busy and they won't need a heater......(that kinda sounds like Grandpa doesn't it?? ha ha ha) LOVE YA!!! Melanie

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

If this place is closer to the chow hall - think I'd move!
Did you have steak??

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

That's recycling at its best. More magazines and books on their way. Pretty innovative insulation and practical as well. Might start a new trend in home decorating and wallpaper.
Our world is filled with the joys of glitter. Did you know boys use lots of hard drying gel in their hair to make it stick straight up? Can you imagine what a second grade boy would use instead of gel? Yep, you got it, glue. Sprinkle a little glitter on top and you'd have a new style. Innovation on the second grade level. We are glittering everything these days, angels, paper Christmas trees, pine cones and for those out of the sights of the teacher, hair.
Yesterday one of the kindergarten teachers had to leave early and have her wisdom teeth pulled. I took her class for the end of the day. I passed out cookies and we watched a video of Frosty the Snowman. Of course that made them thirsty. I lined them up and we started down to our bathrooms. They started to go down to the kindergarten and I explained they could use the "big kids" (second graders) bathroom. They were excited. As we got there, they all started to go into the girls' bathroom. I stopped them and explained we have a girls and boys bathroom and they had to go into one or the other. Of course one of the kids asked which one he should go into. Made a funny end to the week.


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