Wednesday, November 15, 2006


  We were in minimized again.  Two units to our east got some Marines injured.  No KIA’s though.  We killed two more insurgents.  Our phone switch crashed hard on us yesterday and we were without telephone service for the entire day.  Our telephones are not regular civilian telephones.  They are big green boxes with a handset, some black buttons, a few toggle switches, some lights, and two knobs.  They have four copper wires running to them.  Anyway, the wire shop got them back up for about an hour and then they crashed again.  We had them in a configuration called “stack”.  It means that they were all joined together to function like one big unit.  The only way to get them back up now is to “unstack” them.  So now two thirds of the base has new phone numbers.  Military phones have a 4-3 number combination.  Civilian phones have a 3-4 combination.  Only one of the switchboards could keep the original first four numbers.  So, the rest of the base got new ones.  This has caused a lot of problems.  Not everyone has clued in on the concept that if someone doesn’t have the same first four digits as you; you have to dial the entire seven digit number.  It’s a simple enough concept right?  The same thing goes for civilian phones in the states.

  Linda, LCpl Farrell just completed his first operation.  He was out for three days.  I wanted to tell you when we were making the plans, but of course, I couldn’t.  He was pretty excited when he left.  I hear that he did a really good job.  He should be back in tomorrow morning.  He’s resting at one of our battle positions tonight.

  About two months ago we were promised some gear that we needed.  The time line kept getting pushed farther and farther back.  Then, we were told we wouldn’t be able to get everything we needed and we would have to settle for a portion of it.  Today, we found out we’re not getting any of it.  It sucks when you put a lot of hard work and time into a plan that never happens.  I kind of thought that it would happen like this because of who we were dealing with and they way they were acting.  The Captain is really disappointed.  I started making jokes and tried to loosen him up a bit but it only works for a few minutes before he starts thinking about it again.  He wanted it to happen so bad.  We’ll be fine.  We can still get our mission accomplished without the gear – which is exactly why I thought we wouldn’t get it – it’ll just be harder and take more planning and time to do it now.

  Britni was sick last night.  I’m sure it was a sleepless night for Schellee.  I hope she is feeling better now and I hope they both get some sleep tonight.  I love you both.  I’m thinking about you and praying for you.


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