Friday, November 10, 2006

Phone Service

  A company that makes boxing equipment sent the SgtMaj some new gear.  He gave me a set of 16 oz gloves and I get to try them out tomorrow morning.  I must be sick.  I’m actually excited about Chuck training.

  All of our phones on the entire base went out today.  They are still out right now.  The Marines have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out the problem.  We have been working our equipment to the breaking point and it might have just broke.  They are doing their best to fix it.  Pray that they get it up.  We -----Unbelievable.  No Lie!  I was typing this up and my phone just rang.  It’s my Marines calling to tell me that the phone lines are back up.  Yeeeaaahhhh!!!  I knew they would get it up.  Hmmm…Right after I typed “Pray that they get it up”.

  I’ll have to go find out what the problem was and then I guess I’ll go to the birthday ball rehearsal.  Melanie, the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps are all older than the U.S. because we had to make those services in order to defeat the British and them become the U.S.  The Marine Corps is the only service that was born in a Bar (Tun Tavern) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Army is the oldest and senior Service the Navy is next.  Then Marines are next and then, of course, the Air Force.  When I first joined the Marine Corps, I wondered why it was older than the U.S. too.

  I haven’t been to chow yet.  I think I’ll go late and then go straight to my tin can.  I’ve been up watching some live video feed of one of the companies out doing a patrol.  They received some small arms fire but the guy got away.  No one was hurt.  These guys are terrible shots.  I had two more Marines from my shop get into combat last night.  They were pretty stoked when they got back.  We got some more bad guys.  We’ve been doing very well this week.

  Oh, I almost forgot.  I have a pair of sunglasses now.  Supply got in a big shipment and one of my Marines went down and got me a pair.  He walked into the office and threw a box at me and said “Hey top, I know you need these so I picked them up for you.”  Mom, and Melanie,  I can only wear solid black sunglasses.  They are supposed to be ballistic but I don’t think anyone will care what I wear around the base.  When I go out, I will have to wear the Oakleys I just got.  This makes the third pair and the third different brand.  Oakley, ESS, and WileyX are what the Marine Corps and Army buys.  I would never buy them - they are too expensive.  I like the $5.00 rack at Wal-Mart.  Hahahaha.



At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay....did I miss a movie about that? I probably watched one and really missed the plot. I'm thinking about "The Last of the Mohicans" (sp) but the name contradicts that. Well, let me know if there is one you can recommend. History class???? Well, obviously I didn't get alot out of that!!!! Thanks for the explanation tho!!! I feel so much smarter and so stupid at the same time. Ha ha ha!!
Oakleys......please quit bragging....(just kidding, you DESERVE the best but don't look for them in a box from me! ha ha ha)
I'll bet your arms are awesome by now and I'll bet your wenis doesn't wiggle at all. ha ha ha ha Gotta get some gloves. LOVE YA!! Melanie
PS- Yellowjackets are playing at Mtn. Home tonight and ESPN is going to be at the Razorback/Tennessee game tomorrow at Fayetteville. GO HOGS!!!!

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Am I surprised that the phone rang when it did?? You're not either. Neither is Schellee.
New boxing equipment - I see a commercial in the making - to sponsor the new movie!
Give "the Kid" some gloves. He's bound to have some grit.


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