Monday, November 20, 2006


  I found out today that my Pa is in the hospital.  He’s my step-grandfather but I love him like he was my real grandpa.  He’s a wonderful man.  He’s got congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and a hot gall bladder.  He’s doing better this morning and I’m sure he’ll pull through.  He’s a pretty tough guy.  Pa helped me make the decision to join the service.  We talked about it in his backyard on an old porch swing while he whittled a piece of wood.  He served in the Army in WWII.  Please pray for him.

  Linda, I got a letter from you today that you sent on October 1.  It’s funny how the mail works sometimes.  I’ve gotten mail as quick as 10 days and now as slow as 41 days.  I bet it was terrible waiting for mail back in WWII and the Vietnam War.  I don’t know what they did without e-mail.  I wonder how they’ll be communicating 20 years from now.  They’ll probably have world-wide video phones that fit in your pocket and you can just call anyone at anytime from anywhere.



At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have and will pray for Pa and his family who loves him so much.

This blogspot is just wonderful to be able to keep in such close contact with you (in 20 years that statement will be laughed at!!!). I told Missy the other day I haven't known so much about you since you were six!!! I love it....and I'm getting so culturally educated. Where else can you read in 2 minutes about about people nearly hitting deer with their vehicle, nearly hitting boys on bikes w/surfboards on the other side of the continent and about whats going on with you on the other side of the and entertainment at the same time....awesome!!! LOVE YA! Melanie

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Schellee said...


HI. I am sorry to hear about Pa. I just read it in your e-mail too. I have sent you like 6 e-mails in the past 3 days. I mailed your book today! (I wasn't able to mail before today. I did tell you that in an e-mail that you didn't get apparently.) Oh well. I have been getting your e-mails and have responded to them all. Let me know when you get them.

We love you!!!! And miss you!!! Be safe!


At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Aunt Lea said...

We are all praying for him Michael. He is a special man that we hold dear to our hearts. Hope you will be getting my package to you before too long. Just wanted you to know that you are thought of and I am so proud of you and all your men.
Take care

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. What a remarkable man he must be to have guided you so well. He is in my prayers.
I agree that this blog is a great lesson in the different parts of this amazing country. They say we are all part of a common quilt and if you pull a thread we are somehow connected. We are all connected in our support of Mike, his Marines and Sailors and of their incredible families.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all or as you say down South, y'all! Take care.

At 12:40 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

we are all praying for Pa. but you'd better believe he loves you as much as you love him. he is a special man and don't forget,, he has a very special wife and daughter that go right along with him.
we are truly blessed to have all these little gadgets that are so important in our lives today, what did i so before i could not leave my house without my cell phone!!
know you are loved and happy thanksgiving!!

At 4:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is very special...I hold him in my heart, thoughts and prayers as well!!


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