Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bar-B-Q Pork Chops

  Arkansas won again.  Wow, I hope they can keep it up.  My Marines are trying to get MWR to put on a Madden Tournament for all the Marines and Soldiers.  There are two big screen TV’s now and everyone is dying to hook up video games to them.  One of my SNCO’s bought a Playstation II last week and the last unit that was here sold us the one they had so now we have two of them.  I don’t know when they’re going to all have the chance to play.  It may have to be done over a weeks time.

  We’ve been keeping busy by doing maintenance on Al Qaim.  The Marines have been rerunning wire, retipping cables, cleaning antennas and other equipment, and reorganizing things.  We had some pretty high winds yesterday and the antennas on the building stayed up there because we had just tightened them up the day before.  Nobody likes to mess with stuff that’s already working (including me) but it will pay off in the long run.

  Yesterday was pretty windy.  There was a lot of sand in the air.  I had to walk to chow with my cover (hat) pulled down over my eyes and my eyes had to stay closed most of the time.  I could go get some sun glasses from supply at anytime but I’ve already lost two pair since I’ve been here.

  We were in minimized for three days.  Last year, 3/4 was in minimized for 22 days in a row because a Marine died in a vehicle accident and when they went to notify his mom she had gotten married (nobody knew her new last name) and gone on a cruise to South America.  That makes it even harder to find you.  Eventually, they were able to track her down.  She was told about her son 22 days after his death.  I have no idea what the hold up was but I have stressed to my Marines the importance of knowing where your family is and to make sure their info is correct.  I think it would be terrible to find out so late after it happened.

  Saddam will be hanged for his crimes.  Ooh, that was a tough one to call.  I’m glad they didn’t have their version of an O.J. trial.  So far, there are no protests or riots going on in any of our towns.  I think they are indifferent.

  I had Bar-B-Q Pork Chops for dinner.  It wasn’t very good.  I wouldn’t recommend combining those two things.  It was pretty salty.  I think they fried the pork chops and then dumped Bar-B-Q sauce on it.  We have some form of pork at least five days a week.  I guess no one else in this country is eating it so they feed it to us.

  We got to watch the Mayweather vs. Baldomir fight at chow tonight.  I already knew who won but it was cool to watch an HBO Pay Per View fight that was replayed for the troops.  I’d like to see someone knock out Mayweather.  I can’t stand people who are full of themselves.  I guess when you’re the World Welterweight Champion at 37 wins, 0 losses and you’re making 8 million dollars a fight; it’s hard to not tell people how great you are.



At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Arkansas winning 8 in a row is great. The Razorbacks are steadily moving up in the ranking. Go razorbacks!
The news about Saddam is everywhere and it's good to hear people are accepting it at least outwardly. His tyranny and homicidal ways led to horrible suffering for so many decades. There must be tremendous relief on the part of the Kurds and Shiites he brutalized.
Barbecued pork is so different on the east and west coasts. Hope they give you some other choices. Looking forward to reading about the competition.
Weather here is great. Warm Santa Ana winds, clear skies. No sand. Take care and stay safe.

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

I haven't seen much TV today but Shelton announced about Saddam's sentence bright and early this morning. Think he stayed up and watched last night.
I am imagining you and your men practicing preventive medicine on all the equipment and then seeing your efforts pay off.
Get you some sun glasses Mike or tell me what kind you need and I'll get together an emergency box.
Maybe they are serving the pork because they know you are a Razorback! I do believe they are out to break you Mike!! HaHAHa

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, hang him high....

Eewwwww, fried bar-b-que pork chops??? How nasty can you get???

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!! RAZORBACKS!!!!! GO HOGS GO!!!!! We only have a couple of minor teams left....hahaha.....Tennessee and LSU......things almost turned around Sat. and S. Carolina was coming back. Thank goodness they ran out of time.....hahaha.

Hey, I can get ya some sunglasses at the Dollar Tree and you could loose a pair every week of those. hahaha. How picky are ya????

Take care!!! Love ya, Melanie

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Missy said...

We had "play day" at the Mud Drags tonight and I had BBQ Bologna!! I know it sounded gross but it was so good. We smoked a hog and had a big time. I didn't get to drive but I did get to ride in 5 races! I don't think my bottom ever stayed on the seat!


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