Friday, November 17, 2006

Al Qaim Fashion

  I got two packages from mom last night.  They were filled with Goo-Goo Clusters.  I walked around the camp and handed them out to each person I saw.  Then, I put the other box in our COC and they were all gone in about two hours.  Good news travels fast.  My dad wrote me a letter.  I didn’t open it until I got back to my room.  I’m glad he wrote me.  We also got some watercolor painting from the school.  They were really nice.  We put them up in the internet café.

  I was awarded a Navy Commendation Medal today.  The medal is from my old unit, Marine Corps Communication – Electronics School.

  Britni is feeling better.  I’m glad she’s not sick anymore.  Her meet this weekend will last three days.  She swims the 500 Meter Freestyle on Friday, and then has four events on Saturday, and three events on Sunday.  This meet is in Palm Springs so at least they won’t be driving two to four hours to get there.  I think she’ll do well in the 500 Free even though it’s her first time.  She’s good at long distance things.  Last year she was real good at running long distances.  She took third place in her age group in a 5K race in Yucca Valley.

  Today at Chuck training, the SgtMaj and I were joined by LCpl Natividad.  He is one of my radio Marines who was a golden gloves boxer and wants to try out for the Marine Corps Boxing team.  He’s about 130 pounds and hits like he’s 180.  He’s fast and powerful.  I think he’ll make the team when we get back.  It’s neat to watch him on the speed bag.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do it any better.  Marines and Soldiers are always in the gym hitting the speed bag.  The SgtMaj calls it the show-off bag.  That’s because he can’t do it that well.  Hahaha.

  Melanie, I almost forgot to answer your fashion question.  Here at Al Qaim the Soldiers wear a digital pattern uniform made up of a lovely green, grey, and tan.  They wear a tan under-armor style t-shirt underneath.  They also have brown boots.  Sometimes they wear tan flight suits.  For PT, they have a light grey t-shirt that says ARMY on the front in black letters and they wear black shorts.  The Special Forces sometimes wear jeans and a t-shirt.  They’re special.  The Marines at Al Qaim wear a beautiful dessert digital combat uniform made of dark brown, light brown, tan, and khaki (I bet you thought that I thought that tan and khaki were the same).  We wear a cotton green t-shirt underneath.  We are not authorized to wear under-armor because it will melt to your skin if you get burned.  We have matching brown boots that have an Eagle Globe and Anchor branded on the heel so none of the Army pukes can wear them.  Oops, did I type that?  Anyway, we wear a tan Nomex (fire resistant) flight suit with green or tan fighter pilot gloves when we go outside the wire.  For PT, we were green shorts and a green t-shirt.  The Soldiers and Marines top off their outfits with lovely matching hats with a 3’ wide floppy brim that goes all the way around to help keep the sun off of melanin challenged people like me.  We are not authorized to wear anything else.  I only have brown, green, and black things for my wardrobe (except for my unmentionables) but I have become very savvy at mixing and matching to come up with a cornucopia of brilliantly designed outfits.  Hahaha.  I love you Melanie.  That was a good question.  I enjoyed answering it.  You know, the Army can wear the same uniform in the desert or woods.  We have two different ones.  I hear the Air Force gets to wear whatever they want.


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I had no idea you knew that much about fashion! You are such a well rounded individual.
Good luck this weekend Britni!!
Love you much,

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

When Major Shuster came to visit our school, he had time to visit a fourth grade class before we returned from our field trip. One of the questions the fourth graders asked was, "How are Marines different from Soldiers?" Major Shuster began telling the boy about how the Marines operate on land, sea and air, how they are part of the Navy, etc. Then he stopped and said, "We have way cooler uniforms!" That, was a big hit with all the fourth graders. We teachers agree. Your color combinations just happen to be mine too. I'm an Autumn which the women will understand and the men who know all the plays Cal will use tomorrow to whip SC with are perplexed by.
Take care! Good luck Britni! By the way, my word verification ends with hog. That's a good sign. Go Razorbacks!

At 2:47 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

i'm impressed,,, great colors for me too, now do ya think you can draw me something up in all those colors,, leave out the green if you don't mind,, it's not my fav,, add a hint of rust maybe!
love ya


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