Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vehicle Patrol #2

  Marines are still working hard.  We have a lot of things going on right now.  Over half of the platoon is outside the lines with other companies.  I went on another vehicle patrol today.  We went to the front lines of an operation to see how things were going.  We took EOD (the bomb disposal guys) with us and they went out and blew up some IED’s that were found.  It was pretty neat.  Then went to the Syrian boarder and looked around for a little while.  Nothing was there, so we came back.  I was out for about six hours.  Something about sitting in a vehicle really makes me tired.  It’s kind of like when I go to church.  I just got up a few hours before but as soon as I sit down and the preacher starts preaching, I get sleepy.  I thought my adrenalin would be pumping and I’d be all excited but it just seems like another drive.  There are times when the streets get narrow, and it gets quiet, and I start thinking, “Are they watching, or waiting for us to turn the next corner.” But nothing happens.

  We stopped by Camp Gannon and promoted one of the Sergeants to Staff Sergeant.  We also stopped at one my retransmission sites.  A retransmission site is a location where Marines set up one or more antennas and retransmit the radio signals for units that are too far from Al Qaim.  Boxer is a huge hill that has nothing on it except one bunker, two watch towers, and a few Marines.  They’ve been getting mortared at least every other day.  It always happens at night and we’ve been watching these little islands that are in the Euphrates River and we found out exactly where they are launching the mortars from.  The insurgents paddle across the river in a small boat and launch two mortars then paddle back.  It’s obvious that they are poorly trained and don’t know their equipment like they should.  Weapons Company sent me two 81mm mortar-men with some mortars so we can return fire next time.  Our guys can hit exactly where they want whenever they want.  They already have it set up ready to go.  All they need to do is drop a mortar down the tube.  So, the insurgents are going to have a big surprise next time they try to take some pot shots at my guys.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger apump said...

I just LOVE surprises....


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