Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Powerful Punch

  I did my usual cardio this morning.  It seemed harder than normal, I hate those days.  Then, I went to chow and saw Chuck there.  He likes oatmeal.  I had a lot of stuff to do so I couldn’t hang around but my Marines got individual pictures with him.  He left around 0900.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to do any more Rocky training.  I’m doing Chuck training now.  Hahaha.  This way, I can throw in some elbows, knees, and maybe a karate chop or two.

  Tomorrow morning, I start my Chuck training.  My hands still hurt.  I have figured out that it’s not because my hands are weak.  It’s because the power I generate from throwing a punch is more than most men can stand.  It’s amazing that I haven’t broken my hand or punched a hole through the bag yet.  So tomorrow when I start my Chuck workouts, I’m going to use heavier gloves with more padding.

  Not much else is going on.  The water level has dropped enough to not have any cans in the water but the other side of the road is still about four feet deep.  They’ve been pumping the water out for a few days now.  With ours mostly gone they will probably devote their time to the other side now.  Hopefully it won’t rain in the next few days.  No other units that have been here have had this problem.  I guess the rain storm we had was very unusual.


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "more padding" thing on the gloves definately sounds like a good idea. I was talking to someone who has a body bag they punch from time to time that said your knuckles separate if you keep it up and they aren't properly wrapped. THAT DOESN'T SOUND GOOD especially for someone who doesn't really enjoy it anyway.
And..by the way..I'm alot more impressed with you and your marines that I am with Chuck Norris....you're AT LEAST 20 years YOUNGER.....AT LEAST 20 years younger better looking.....AT LEAST 20 years younger more in shape.....your teeth and smile are AT LEAST 20 years younger...you are actively playing a part in protecting us as well as future generations. More money????....who needs that much anyway??? Love ya!! Melanie
The weather is gloomy over here but the leaves on the trees are absolutely beutiful golds, reds and oranges and tonight is trunk and treat at church and I can't wait to see the kids costumes!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

At 11:29 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

you know i was on the same brain wave as melanie, as far as the chuck subject, you and your Marines are real, and everything you and your Marines stand for and believe in mean so much more to me than a man hung like a horse and who can throw a couple punches and kicks,, no doubt,, he could not stand up to one of your days, much less live the life, he had to feel some sort of intimidation just being around you guys. so proud of all of you.
i will be leaving el paso tomorrow morn and i am so excited to see the beauty of the turning trees from the air. my view must look allot like yours right now without lake mims !
we will be passing out candy to all the kids from jan's front door this year, this will be a different cluture holiday for me. i have decided to be an angel next year,,, with one burnt wing.haha
know you are loved
happy halloween

At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Saw some photos of Chuck Norris with Lt Colonel Shuster and it seems to me that Chuck was looking a little awestruck. I know how he feels. He knew he was meeting the REAL heroes. Your Razorbacks are moving up in the college rankings. Go Arkansas!!


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