Sunday, October 15, 2006


  I received some packages last night just before I went to my can.  I received a blanket and my battery powered alarm clock.  That was great.  Schellee sent me a big down blanket that we had in the living room.  It’s way to big for my little rack so I keep it folded in half.  It felt like home.  I was happy to get my alarm clock too.  I was always going to bed worried that I wasn’t going to get up on time.

  Missy sent me a birthday box.  It had all kinds of goodies in it.  I’m going to give most of the candy to the guy’s.  I’m keeping the big box of Nerds.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with the bubba teeth.  I’ll figure something out before I leave though.  I got a few card games that I know the guys will have fun playing with.  I also got a Sheridan Yellow jacket Nerf Football.  I had no idea they made them for schools.  Thanks Missy.

  Britni is competing this weekend at another swim meet.  She is in eight events this time.  I couldn’t imagine swimming in eight different events.  I hope she does well.

  I might be going out again tomorrow.  I have to check and see if my tech has fabricated a cable that they need in order to fix a piece of gear.  I’ll be headed to the farthest North base that we have in our area if it’s been made. It should be fun.



At 7:39 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

missy and i were just talking earlier today about you getting your last boxes,,, she had so much fun getting that together,,, we have a few things for the next one.
i could not imagine not having an alarm clock!!! i know you were excited to get that.
know you are loved, stay safe


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