Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Tricks

  Yesterday, three of my Marines and I convoyed with three other vehicles out to COP South.  I have no idea what COP stands for but there are 11 Marines out there that are responsible for keeping an eye on the Iraqi Boarder Guards and there are 12 Marines from Lima Company that stand guard all day in the five watch towers.  The camp is 700 meters by 800 meters and was built by the Marines and used to train Iraqi Boarder Guards and Police.  It is now abandoned by everyone except those 23 guys.  It is a very boring place to be.  I went out there to look around and check out their communication gear and my Marines were supposed to run wire to each guard tower and back to the COC because their little radios don’t let them communicate with everyone.  The command center can only talk to post 3 and 4.  Post 3 can talk to post 1, 4, and the command center. Post 5 could talk to Post 4.  You get the point.  Anyway, I introduced myself to everyone and then went out to the guard towers and started talking to the Marines.  About two hours after arriving there I realized that my Marines still had not run the wire out the post were I was.  I climbed down and found them on the back side of the camp.  They had just finished wiring up two guard posts to each other and still had to wire the other 3 posts and the COC.  I took one of the Marines and put him in the vehicle.  Our Chief Warrant Officer asked if he could help.  So, I put him in the back of the truck with a spool of wire.  I ran a pole through the middle of the spool so it would spin around.  I told the driver to drive to the next post.  He looked at me and said “Master Sergeant, We’re not allowed to do that.”  I know their not, but I didn’t care – we were going to be there all night if they kept doing it by hand.  I just looked at him and said, “Drive.”  He took off and I ran along side the truck laying the wire.  We got the rest of the camp done in about 45 minutes.  My ankles are really sore today.  I was running on the top of the burm of the camp in some soft dirt.  I fell once and got covered in it.  The Warrant Officer was laughing so hard he almost dropped the spool of cable out of the truck.  When we got back, the 1stSgt and SgtMaj came up to me and said, “I hear you’re teaching the Marines some new tricks.”  So, I had to have a meeting with the Marines.  There are some things that are supposed to be kept quiet.

  I’ve been having fun the past few days.  I like to get out of the office and sweat with the Marines.  The day before yesterday, I was running lines in the old Iraqi Railroad sewer system.  It was pretty neat.  I got a little dirty and had some fun.  I also lost my sun glasses.  The Marines were going to go look for them and I told them that even if they found them, I wouldn’t wear them again.

  This morning I took all the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) on a run around the train station.  I was pretty fun.  Afterwards I sat them all down and we just talked about things that were going on.  Moral is high.  The Marines aren’t complaining at all.  They know what’s at stake and they are willing to do whatever it takes.  I love working with these guy’s.


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

I imagine the guys will not soon forget the "run of the wire!" How could moral not be high with you around!
And - someday - every player will give 110 percent when you are the coach . . . another undefeated season! Speaking of which - Yellowjackets lost last night
17-35 Benton. Our homecoming.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger apump said...

I would imagine that if you had gotten you sunglasses back... "sun" in your eyes would have been the least of your worries.

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Interesting that this visit to the sewers follows the favorite smells entry. Hmm...Bet this wasn't one of them. Sounds as though your guys are working hard to establish and maintain communications within the Battalion.
Stay safe!

At 7:26 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

this story sooo reminds me of your "jackson's place days " with all the "military training" you and jason did way back then. does not surprise me you'd figure out a way to get the wire laid in record time. i totally agree with 147,, how can they not have high moral.
know you are loved


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