Monday, October 16, 2006

Heavy Equipment Convoy

  I am so proud of Britni.  She got 1st Place in one event and 3rd place in two events.  She is improving her times and getting faster with every meet.  I can’t wait to watch her compete next year.  Way to go Britni!

  I went to COP North today.  It’s twice the size of COP South and has few hundred Marines and Soldiers.  It’s in the middle of nowhere.  It was sand as far as you could see.  We escorted an Army convoy of heavy equipment operators and their gear.  The entire time up there, I thought of Grandpa James.  Here I was in Iraq helping to escort backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and a small crane and that’s exactly what he operated in the Army.  Those guys were country too.  I picked up on their accents real quick.  They only have 6 days left in Iraq.  So we made sure that we had plenty of firepower so they would all make it home.  It’s a big deal when you get to the one month mark.  Everyone pitches in and makes sure that there are no risks being taken.  Nobody ever wants to lose someone but everyone pays special attention when you get that close to going home.

  The Soldiers carried a broken satellite back to Al Qaim for me.  They put on one of their flat beds.  My guys are going to fix it up so COP North can have an internet connection.  The convoy and work up there took most of the day.  I didn’t do much else.

  I enjoyed reading about the smells.  Every time I smell burning leaves it reminds me of Grandma James’ house.  I always think of Grandma, Melanie, and I raking the leaves onto a blanket and carrying them over to the ditch to burn.  I used to love swinging on that tree swing.



At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Way to go Britni!! Your dad is so proud of you! Reading about your convoy and the extra protection you provided those young soldiers was heartwarming. I am so glad they are on their way home. Loved reading about the accents too because, as I told you, we just don't have accents in California and we surely do like to hear them (that's my country talk for y'all).
I showed my students the pictures you sent and they all begged me to make copies for them to keep in or on their desks. "You can see the ones I've printed up here on the chalkboard," I told them. "It's not the same. We really want one for our desks." They have become VERY attached to you and your brave Marines and often want to stay in at recess and write to you or make pictures. The boys definitely need to run but tomorrow I promised them they can stay in and start a letter. Take care, brave Marines.

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous 147 said...

Every time I smell leaves burning - Paw has set the woods on fire - AGAIN!! When I leave town, I tell forks to watch for smoke down Grant 9! NOT good memories.
Now Linda - you guys (ha) are the ones with accents. We's all jes talk bout' normal here ya know! I love it too!
Britni - I smell Olympics for you! Way to go.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

way to go britni! yep, she is a very fortunate child to have parents who have supported her in finding her "nic". and she will excel.
i told grandpa about the heavy equip and he swelled up and began telling me about how proud he is of you and of course stories of "his day" in the army. he thinks of you every day and wants you to know that.
linda, i'll never forget the last time missy and i went to california to visit michael, schellee and britni. we had been out there for a week, and being around military much of our lives, accents were not a big deal, so the california accent is just what it is and not really that different to us. missy and i had to change planes on the way home in vegas. we were waiting in line to board and from somewhere around us i heard the most hick sounding talking i think i had ever heard! i stopped talking and listened and missy noticed the noise of the southeners also. we looked at each other and realized we sound the same way to californians!! oh,, my gosh!!! needless to say neigher of us spoke much until we got back to arkansas where those hick sounding people in line were from!haha of course we never think we sound like that ,,,no wonder californians think we all drive beverly hillbilly veh on dirt roads, spitting tobacco as we go, wearing worn down dirty lace up boots or barefooted!haha!
147, it is almost leaf burning time again,, don't worry we have 10 fire depts that are always looking for excitement!ha!
thanks for the pics, your entries put us there, the pics finish the story.
know you are loved,, stay safe

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, "mom", I do go barefooted!!!!! and love my overalls!!!! but this year I'll be choppin' those leaves up with a lawnmower!!!! No more draggin' blankets across the yard for me!! (I do miss it sometimes tho)and I especially miss that rooster next door, think I'll get one for my new country home... NOT.....Melanie


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