Thursday, October 12, 2006

Favorite Smell

  It sprinkled three times today.  Each time lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes.  I miss the smell of rain in the states.  Iraq has a certain smell when it rains too.  I noticed it this morning on my way back from the gym, then again this afternoon before the second shower.  It doesn’t smell the same.  It almost burns your nose.  It’s more of a chemical smell.  I wonder if there will ever be dew here.  I love the sweet smell of dew on a crisp southern day.

  Another one of my favorite smells is carbon.  I know it sounds weird but I love the way it smells on a rifle range.  I love concentrating on my target until the target is a blur and my front sights are clear.  I stop breathing at the precise moment everything lines up perfectly and then slowly squeeze the trigger and when the round goes down range you get a whiff of carbon that lingers in the air.  I’ve told Schellee that if they sold that smell in a car fragrance I would buy it.  I can remember every range I’ve been to where I smelled the dew and got to shoot early in the morning.

  Another favorite smell is Schellee.  She has “sweet pea” soap or body lotion.  I love to smell it on her neck when I hug her.

  O.K. everyone I’ve got an idea…Post your favorite smell(s) to the blog.  We’ll see how everyone else does. This should be fun.  hehehe.


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

I'm thinking of three:1.The house when I'm baking bread each week. 2. The bathroom when Shelton has just come out from taking a shower. The room is steamy (he uses every drop of hot water) and smells like "man soap!" 3. In first grade, a classmate brought a cheap little doll to school. It smelled plastic - which it was, but to me it was the most wonderful smell. I still can smell that doll and I still want it!

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

A few years ago, my daughter bought me a bottle of spray for Christmas that was called Vanilla Spice. I kept it at school and whenever I would spray it on, one of the boys would always say, "Mrs. Reimel, you smell like cookies. Can I have one?" and so it has retained the name, "Mrs. Reimel, you smell like cookies". The kids love to smell it and it makes the classroom smell like fresh baked cookies. A favorite smell of mine is that wonderful smell of a newborn baby, can't beat it. And of course, the air just after a good rain.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, everyone's senses are different, I don't have a good nose so "smell" is not my favorite thing BUT......chocolate chip cookies baking.....and when I smell diesel fuel I always think of Daddy because he smelled like that so often when I was at home..pine tress...dirt in the spring when the fields are being broken up..freshly mowed grass..and something I never thought about so in depth before but everyone knows that we all have our own "personal" odor...well it was really cool when I kissed Eddy again 26 years later, I recognized his "smell". And he said the same thing. I didn't notice it when I kissed him as a teenager and I don't notice it now. That's just one of those odd things. OKAY......I am more a a sight and sound person.....sight...sunshine on a fall morning or afternoon on the brightly colored fall trees..( I often think of you and wish you were here to see it)..sunset with the clouds various pinks, purples and blues....the top of Pinnacle Mtn....Sheridan Stingers or Yellowjackets making a touchdown...people laughing and having a good time and it's the ultimate at church....which leads to sounds....laughter, especially my momma's, my kids, my family or friends. Take care....we miss you!! Aunt Melanie

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I love the smell of cammies, it always takes me back to when daddy would come home from a hump. He had that "cammie" smell. I'm sure your cammie's smell the same way. Sometimes I catch a whiff of it and there's not anyone in cammies around.
Do you remember when he would come in with his MRE's and we would split them? I'm sure you don't get excited about MRE's these days. ha ha
Oh, we were talking about smells...
I love the smell of a new car, puppy's breath, and freshly mowed grass because it reminds me of summertime and being on the ballfield.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger apump said...

My favorite smell is my daughter's hair, and my husbands shirts. And my mother's spaghetti sauce, that I always knew she was cooking as soon as I got off the school bus.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger apump said...

oh yea....I remember the smell of my dad's fatigue's when he came home from work...I'd forgotten about that one.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

wow this is fun,, haven't thought of this in a long time,,gardinias in full bloom, yellow buttercups in the spring, the smell of snow in the air,,, which is where it usually stays in arkansas!! the smell of rain coming, my grandpa's cherry pipe tobacco, my babies, when they were clean just from the bath with baby powder sprinkled all over them, missy's hair even today, the smell of "just michael", and clean men of course!!haha sorry melanie,, the smell of diesel just reminds me that daddy was home and i was going to get in trouble for something! haha and i love the smell of caramel apples at the fair and the smell of christmas. sights would be the beach at sunset and the waves hitting the shoreline any time of day. i love to see the big yellow moon when it rises and looks like you can reach out and touch it. stars in texas are the most beautiful stars i have ever seen and fall in arkansas in the woods when all the trees are putting on their final fashion show of the year. i love watching toddlers when they don't know they are being watched and people laughing and having a good time and my favorite word that i love to hear is "mom....."
know you are loved!!!!!


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