Saturday, October 07, 2006


I need to post a correction to my blog entry last night.  Two stories were combined.  The Jamaican that was seen in an Iraqi village was not a bad guy.  He is living in the area.  The bad guy that was caught with a (pregnant) lady chained up and all the anti-US paraphernalia is possibly a big player in the local Al Queda In Iraq.  He was brought to our jail in Al Qaim.


At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Good news for the Razorback fans. Arkansas beat number 2 Auburn 27-10. Now if Washington can just beat SC, it will all be good. Here's another bit of sports news. A woman in Texas promised her husband that they could name their baby ESPN if it were a boy. Welcome ESPN Montana (after Joe). Now that's what you call an understanding wife. What in the world will his teachers call him? As a huge football fan, I figured you'd get a kick out of that.


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