Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bad Haircuts

  One of the units that deployed with us lost two Marines last night.  They hit an IED.  Then this morning two of our guys from EOD were checking an IED and it went off.  One Marine got some shrapnel wounds to the face and neck (he’s going to be fine) and the other lost most of the tissue from his jaw and one cheek.  The bone structure was intact.  I don’t know much more than that.  The SgtMaj told me that he was always in the gym working out while we were in there but I don’t remember him.  I met the other Marine when we got here and spoke to him when I saw him around camp.  Most of the Marines in the Battalion new one or both of them because we work with them all the time.  I was with them yesterday when we went on our convoy.  They were in the vehicle behind mine.

  On a happier note…I received letters from Mrs. Reimel’s class today.  The Marines are passing them around and when they are done we will post them in our internet café for everyone to read.  I also received a box from Schellee and Britni.  Thank you for the card and for the movie “Varsity Blue’s” (one of my favorites).  I will share what I have with the Marines.

  The SgtMaj was giving free haircuts this afternoon.  I went in and gave him some pointers.  He usually does a good job on one side of the persons head and then messes up the other side.  He acts like he’s real good though.  Everyone, except me, is afraid to tell him that he screws it up.  So, he thinks I’m kidding with him – I’m not.  He was cutting the Commanding Officers hair and I told him he did well but he needed to cut the top.  He had the guys hair basically shaved all the way up and then it went to about two and a half inches of hair.  He picked up a blade and was just going to run it over the top of his head and I stopped him and told him the blade was too short.  So I turned off the clippers and had him put them down to the LtCol’s head to show him what would have happened.  It would have lopped off almost all of his hair.  The LtCol thanked me but still let the SgtMaj continue to cut his hair after I found him a #5 blade to do it with.  The amazing part is people that have gotten their head messed up from the SgtMaj (and know it) continue to come back for another haircut???  As if the man is getting better.  He’s not.  It’s going to be funny when the SgtMaj goes to correct someone for having a messed up haircut and they look at him and say, “But SgtMaj, you did this.”  I hope I’m there when it happens.  Hahahaha.



At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to hear the sad news. I can't imagine how this hits you all. Sounds like someone needs to teach a fellow or two to cut hair and forget the "one who knows." I can just see you trying to get through his pride to straighten him up! Maybe your mom could teach on on-line course! Did they fly your Marine(s) to Germany?

At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

The news about your Marines is heartbreaking. These brave young Marines deployed to help the Iraqis establish some form of democracy and better their lives and yet insurgents and terrorists target them. Such bravery is shown everyday by your Marines in contrast to the cowardly actions of those terrorists. May these Marines rest in peace and your Marines who were injured recover quickly.
I hope your Marines enjoy the letters.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

how sad, yet heroic, prayers to the guys that knew them and their families. hope your guys get back in the fight soon.
michael, you must set up a chair !!your marines need your haircutting skills. haha if you need clippers or clipper oil or guards, please let me know. i believe that can be arranged!!
know you are loved !!!


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