Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Army of One

  I got up this morning and slowly made it to the gym.  I was trying to conserve as much energy as possible.  I got on the elliptical machine and went at it for 30 minutes at a moderate pace.  Then I put on the gloves and tried to go to my happy place instead of thinking of the torture I was going through.  The Army was in the gym doing their PT.  They’re funny.  They usually come in, stretch, stretch again, stretch some more, and then ride a bicycle on the lowest setting barely moving at all for about 10 minutes and then they leave.  Sometimes they’ll do four or five sit ups.  I like to make fun of them.  Sorry dad.  Anyway, I had to put on my best show because they were sticking around and watching the SgtMaj and I go at it.  I think they worked up a sweat.  The SgtMaj’s new twist was to get a barbell and press it over your head 25 times after you work the bag for 90 seconds.  I never loved doing crunches so much.  It was the only time my shoulders got a break.  Then he broke out with, “By the time we go back, we’ll be able to do this for an hour straight.”  By the time I go back, I’m going to have a new workout partner.

  Oh yeah, the Army is coming out with a new slogan next week.  I read about it in the Stars and Stripes.  We get the newspaper about four or five days after it’s published.  It’s all top secret stuff right now.  They haven’t told anyone what it’s going to be but the Soldiers are all excited about them getting rid of “An Army of One” and coming out with something new.  I thought “Be all you can be.” was pretty good.  “We do more before nine AM than most people do all day.”  I think I was ten when that commercial ran and I still remember it.  

  I got letters today from Linda’s second grade class.  Each student wrote to a specific Marine.  I would have never guessed that the Marines would have been so happy when I started calling out their names.  They were excited.  Most of the time, I open the package and I read a few letters then pass the rest out to the Marines and they pass them around.  Today, I was going to do the same thing and when I read “Dear LCpl Jones, I am your pen pal.”  I stopped and realized what was going on.  Then the Marines started asking if I had one for them.  I put them all down and they came up and started going through all of them.  It was really nice to see that.  Linda sent us a big box of beef jerky.  Beef jerky is always a big deal but today it wasn’t as big as the letters.  Thank you Linda!

  Capt Bair found a dead rat in his desk drawer tonight.  He has been something for a few days and though it was him.  He said he even changes his cammies because he thought they were stinky.  Then he thought his vitamins that he had in his drawer were bad so he threw them out.  He found this grey lump in the back of the drawer and he poked it with his finger and it oozed black puss all over the place.  It was pretty funny…and smelly.  He’s actually relieved the smell wasn’t him.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... have rats there too??? Guess so. Things seem so different I don't consider the similarities. Especially the discusting ones!!!
Okay....did the Village People sing something about"in the Navy...dum de dum dum dum the Navy...dum de dum dum dum dum...." if so, must be why the Navy is not very popular. hahaha Mel

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous 147 said...

Rats!! I'd rather find a dead one than a live one! Are there snakes there?
It's a rainy day here. Several friends came out and helped me pack shoeboxes in the barn. Paw built a fire (not a little - don't you know) and when he left, we opened all the doors and windows. We were about to melt! We may have to hang a bag in there, so we can see for ourselves someday what a real "Rocky" does!
You might want to consider selling tickets to your workouts. I can hear the Soldiers thinking, "been to 3 deer camps, 4 mud drags, and 2 Easter egg hunts . . . but I haven't ever seen anything like that MSgt!

At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

Mike, tell the guys more letters are on their way. My students who hadn't finished them before did yesterday and they're in the mail. Upper graders who had been my students in the past have been coming down because they heard we had adopted your platoon. "Can I have a Marine," they'll ask. They look over the list and now that all the PFCs and LCpls are gone, they are almost through the Corporals and Sgts. Today Little Eddie who was in my class last year asked if he could write to you. "Sure," I said. He is pretty excited. Neat kid. A wonderful student, named Kaitlyn who was in my class a couple of years ago asked if she could write to Captain Bair. Angela will now write to a Corporal and probably make him blush.
Bet those soldiers will enjoy watching the punching bag exercises. OOH-RAH Master Sgt Harris and Sgt Major Geletko!

At 3:06 PM, Blogger mhmcmom said...

so,,, ya need rat poison,,, never thought of that one being on the wish list!!hahah
schellee, the best performance i ever saw was not the village people doing "in the navy da da da da" but the "down under" (male uh,, dancers)from austrailia, doing their version of the village people doing "in the navy da da da da da"!!! don't think too many navy personell would like that version,, but all us girls certainly did!!!
i can just see the faces of those marines getting those letters, i know they are writing back already.
i guess "the army needs YOU" with the big finger pointing didn't last long,huh?i can't remember but i think that was the days when your dad re enlisted.
stay safe
know you are loved

At 6:54 PM, Blogger Missy said...

It's amazing how much energy you can find when "people" are watching. I firmly believe you will not give up the battle with the bag.
Love you much


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