Sunday, September 24, 2006

Golf Vs. Football

  Well, not much excitement has happened around here for us the past few days.  An insurgent pedaled up to an Iraqi Army checkpoint on a bicycle, called out the name of one of the Iraqi lieutenants and then blew himself up when the lieutenant walked up to him.  I didn’t go check on any of the specifics but it must have wounded or killed a lot of people because they used three Blackhawk helicopters to evacuate them.


  Britni did very well on the first day of her swim meet on Saturday.  I am so proud of her.  She is constantly improving her times.  She works very hard.  She is swimming again today and I hope she does well again.  I am thinking of you Britni.  Good Luck!!!    


  Today seemed like the longest day so far.  A few other people told me the same thing.  I didn’t want to get up when my watch went off this morning.  The only reason why I did was so I could go to the gym and see if football was on.  I got there and they were showing the Ryder Cup.  Can you believe that?  Golf over football?  How un-American is that.  So I ran on an elliptical machine while I watched golf.  Motivating – Not.  It made the cardio seem longer than normal.  Especially knowing that somewhere in the world there was a football game being played.  I guess tomorrow I’ll go in and instead of an NFL game they’ll be showing Bowling.  Hahahaha.


At 3:18 AM, Anonymous swimmer said...

Hi Dad,

I hope you are having a good time out there. Baskin Robins sounds good right now. We just got back from the swim meet. I did really good today,my 50yd. Breaststroke was a 48:18, and now it is a 47:?,my first time swimming the 200yd. Freestyle I got 2:37:?, and I cut off 5 seconds on my IM , my original time was a 1:29:50, now it is a 1:24:24. I am really proud of myself. Well,I got to go, Laura is screaming and mom is doing the dishes, and you know how annoying Lauara is when she screams. It sounds like a siren that NEVER!!! turns off. Well, I wanted to post a comment to you to let you know that I haven't forgot about you.

I Love You,

P.S.: (your daughter!) My username is swimmer. Love you! Bye!

At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Schellee said...


Hi! Yes, britni did awesome today! Her 200 Free time was only .2 sec from a "B" time and her new IM time is a "B" time!!! She was soooo excited when she found out she took off 5 seconds on her IM. We already looked at the events for the next meet and she wants to do the 100 free, 100 breast, and 200 free again. (Along with her other regular events.) She did great! I am so proud of her!

Now back to you...sorry!...How dare they show golf instead of FOOTBALL! What nerve! Ha! Ha! Ha! I got your e-mail..tried to reply..."delivery failure"...sorry! It is kind of frustrating, but at least I can post a message here.

Well - I have to go. Laura is fussing. I think she is ready to go to bed. (I know I am!) Oh - Cornell got weighed the other day...13lbs 12.5oz!!! He's a tank! Remind me to tell you about some specifics about them when I talk to you next.

I love you! Take care and be safe!


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